Tinos: summer vibes and sophisticated dining at Bianco Beach House restaurant
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Tinos: summer vibes and sophisticated dining at Bianco Beach House restaurant

Dimitris Kossyfas | 17 July 2020
Bianco Beach House
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A beach house with a downtempo vibe, refined aesthetics and sophisticated all-day dining.

Tinos has always been known for it traditional around food, if not its religious vibe; but in recent years creative cuisine and fine dining has started to get more and more loud. And despite the cacophony left and right, there are some hidden gems. Bianco Beach House restaurant is definitely one of the best ones!


Having spent a few days at Bianco before, we got the opportunity to dine there for the first time in early July just as the season was picking up. Soaking up the sun in the comfy sunbeds and getting late in the afternoon, we took a table by the beach and got set for an unforgettable meal.

Vaggelis Katsikis, also known from other local projects at Tinos, launched Bianco in 2019 with a concept that emanates Mykonian vibes all around but with a downtempo vibe that Tinos is known for. An immediate success, Bianco elevated the beach experience on the island (which is a known painpoint for all visitors) in the refined cove of Vourni very close to the settlement of Kionia. Ilias Kiazoli, a recent Masterchef Greece contender, got added to the team in June 2020 and created a special menu you’d wish you had every day whilst in Tinos.


We started off with a small amuse-bouche and a gentle welcome by Ilias and his team : small and mighty arancini balls with a thick yet delicate crust that melted in our mouth – what a delight! For starters we devoured the fried calamari, topped with Tinos’ local coldcut, louza and served with a squid ink infused mayo, a finely grilled octopus served with fava spread and fried capers and, the best of all, cheese fritters made by local Volaki cheese and topped with a hint of mint and served with a handmade lemon jam!

As the sun was slowly going down, we fell back to a more mellow tune enjoying the wine and a nice talk on food, the island and the future. Ilias may be a recent resident here but he is heading up a well-manned team and enough liberty to create something unique and tasty.

The main courses were simple dishes made with lots of love and a small twist – a very tender and tasty chicken fillet (made in sous-vide) with vegetables, a finger-licking beef burger with handcut potato wedges and, above all, a mouthwatering seafood orzo with a tomato sauce made in heaven!

The summer season is on full swing so chances are we will soon be getting back to Bianco; with ample time throughout a whole day to enjoy its downtempo vibe and its unique treats!

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