Athens: Creative dishes and elegance at 333 & Chef's Workshop

More and more restaurants have recently opened up in Athens trying to lure in Athenians and tourists to explore new flavors and modern cuisine. 333 & Chef's Workshop was added to Athens Hit List just a few months ago and it has already earned its own fans. Created by a group of young and talented people, this restaurant not only offers great dishes but has also managed to entertain its customers through its elegant interior design and interesting cocktails. 

Recipe: Butternut squash soup with apples

This soup is an absolutely wonderful one, prefect for a fall/winter weather and it's been cooked on a regular rotation here. The butternut squash and apple combination is brilliant and the ingredients are those one can find in their kitchen pantry rather easily.

Athens: Eat, Drink and Skate at LATRAAC

Designed by the Greek architect Zachos Varfis, LATRAAC is the first skate bowl in Athens. His passion for transition skateboarding lead him to the development of this social space. An urban garden with curved surfaces, that has hosted various events. Many foreign musicians and performers have used the bowl as a stage.

New York: best date at Aurora

I am sure you already know the struggle of finding the right restaurant for a dinner date in New York City.It’s either too crowded, too loud, or too expensive…

But thank God I finally found the most perfect place for a romantic dinner in the city: Aurora in Williamsburg (you can thank me later).

The Weekly Getaway: worn down aesthetics and religion in Sofia

Bansko or Borovets? These can be considered the two most popular ski resorts in Bulgaria and, in recent years, more and more Europeans have started visiting them during winter season. However, only few would normally visit the capital of the country, Sofia. Universities, churches, large institutional buildings, trams and others, are just a few things this city has to offer to its visitors.