New York: Your Modern style Chinese at Chinese Tuxedo
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New York: Your Modern style Chinese at Chinese Tuxedo

Anastasia Hassiotis | 14 May 2017

A former opera house located on Doyers street, perhaps the most famous and vibrant street in Chinatown NY, has welcomed Chinese Tuxedo. The elegant and vintage style that sets high expectations to the restaurant’s visitors for a unique and tasty experience.

The two-story eatery is a “go-to” destination for those willing to enjoy a freshly made cocktail with their company along the bar, as well as those interested in indulging in some traditional Chinese cuisine inspirations.




The menu may seem small, however all the dishes have properly been selected, combining various fusion tastes and ingredients. You could possibly find yourself a bit confused as to whether some dishes have a Chinese origin, such as the steak tartare, however its “touch and feel” will definitely satisfy you.


Steak Tartare

Start off your dinner with a selection of snacks, mainly the steak tartare bites on rice crackers and the Singaporean curried chicken spring roll, in case you love curry. Moving on, take a day off your salad rituals, and choose your small plates to share with your company. As a true lover of dumplings, I could not resist on the Tuxedo Dumpling with spicy pork filing, a dish we had to order twice, so you can imagine why! In addition, the Crispy Eggplant is perhaps the #1 “must have” on our list.


Crispy Eggplant

Looking at the main courses, just because sharing is the ultimate way to try out all different flavors the menu has to offer, make sure you choose your “sharing is caring” friends to bring to dinner. Add the Stir Fried Chicken to you order that will definitely remind you of your Chinese takeout food, only much better. On the meat side, go for the perfectly Honey Glazed Char Siu, a dish so simple and plain, yet so tasty. If you think you want some more, try out the Sweet and Sour Pork.

Lastly, choose your sides wisely and consider the Vegetarian Furikake Fried Rice, which I would certainly call delicious, or the Johny Fried Rice, Shrimp, Scallions and Chicken Shelter. On the greens point of view, choose the Stir Fried Broccoli with green beans and caramelized shallot sauce.


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New York: Your Modern style Chinese at Chinese Tuxedo
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