Athens: where to find the best street-food
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Athens: where to find the best street-food

Dimitris Kossyfas | 27 December 2017

Street food has definitely become a thing in the last few years around the world. And although it also has to do with the abundance of food porn images from every corner of the world (think falafel, chimichangas and poke to name a few international trends online), we like to remain laser-focused on the more classic ones in Athens.

Here’s a list of the savory and sweet treats around the Athenian city centre!

The savory

1. Krepilateio – an old time classic, especially during the small hours of the day, Krepilateion is both about sweet and savory crepes although we prefer the latter. Think egg, cheese and bacon!


Nutella crepes with sprinkled biscuit crumbs at Krepilateion


2. Peinirli Ionias – when you’re all fed up of pizza, peinirli is the next best thing you can have . And, yes, Eleftheriadis in Drosia may be the best around but if you can’t be bothered to make the trip up north, then opt for Peinirli Ionias which has been around for quite some time now in Panormou. Don’t fret the regulars that consistently queue whatever the time of the day; be patient and take your pick from all sorts of versions you could think of!


Peinirli Ionias


3. Ariston Lompotesi – the streets around the city centre can be hectic during the morning hours, so thank god you can compensate with the infamous kourou cheese pie of Ariston. Mind you, they first set up shop back in 1910 so they ought to know a thing or two about making a kickass cheese pie! There are may other varieties like kaseri cheese and spinach, but kourou strikes the perfect balance of butter and feta cheese…


The infamous kourou cheese pie at Ariston


4. Mike – Mike’s pastry shop in Mavili square has been famous about their cheese pie since 1956. However, there is another reason why this cheese pie is so famous. Due to the shop’s proximity to Megaron Maximou, Mike’s cheese pie has rightfully been named “prime-ministerial” as a former prime minister was also a big fan of them having them by the dozen!


5. Colibri – there’s definitely been a lot of buzz around burgers lately but Colibri found the perfect recipe early on back in the early 2000s. More than a decade later, Colibri has grown to three outposts across Pangrati, Mets and, lately, Petralona. Their juicy burgers are a must although they do make a good pizza!


Classic bacon cheeseburger at Colibri

The sweet

1. Despina – famous for their millefeuille, Despina serves the freshest millefeuille south of Paris. Ok, we may exaggerate a bit, but their millefeuille is both crunchy and soft as they prepare every single piece right in front of you on the spot. Sprinkle with some powder sugar and almonds and off you go!


2. Ellinikon – if you’re after the best profiteroles in Athens, then Ellinikon is your place, despite general belief. You have to trust us on this as their profiteroles strikes the perfect balance of sweetness without being too much.

3. Aristokratikon – this classy confectionery shop of Athens has been a classic one ever since chocolate fondants was about the only choice when visiting a friendly house. They feature all sorts of different pralines and chocolate bars, but the dark chocolate screws (they literarily have the shape of a big ol’ screw!) are amazing. Hard on the bite and great for a quick sugar rush when you’re out and about in the streets of the city centre.


4. Krinos – if you’re looking for something more traditional (and heavy) then head down to Aeolou street at Krinos for the classic honey dumplings (aka loukoumades). The interiors of this classic old school patisserie still remain exactly the same as when they were created back in


Mouth watering loukoumades at Krinos

5. Le Greche – a recent addition on the list has been Le Greche (full review here) on Mitropoleos street. Pure Italian gelato and ice cream is what you’ll need to look for here, although they also offer other small treats like canollis. Our favorite flavors are Le Greche chocolate (classic huh?), sour cherry with whole chunky cherries and fior di latte!

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Athens: where to find the best street-food
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