Athens: a bit of Mykonian-like glam at Krabo beach
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Athens: a bit of Mykonian-like glam at Krabo beach

Dimitris Kossyfas | 11 July 2018
Krabo beach
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It was high time someone made the start in the ever-continuing pursuit of the Athenian riviera’s transformation into its full potential. Krabo, set in the small cove of Zoskos in Vouliagmeni, may not enjoy the best of waters and widest of sand stretches, but it certainly has the vibe of an island. Service is not that good but it may still be earl days.

Travel Food People - Krabo beach bar, Athens

Arranged in three distinct levels – the beach, the lounge and the restaurant- Krabo launched in June 2018 and made a big bang immediately so. The well-known Agiostratitis brothers ventured out from nearby The Margi hotel and placed their bet on this somewhat underdeveloped side of Kavouri. It’s still early days and the place hasn’t found its proper crowd yet (not to mention the service), but the place gets really packed both around lunchtime, as well as after 21:00 in the evening which is a good sign.  If you want to soak in the sun and get some of that good Mykonian vibe (yes, its design does resemble the over-played Scorpios/Alemagou setting but we do like it), you can opt in for the sun-loungers downstairs (40 EUR for the set) or the sunbeds (50 EUR each) a bit further up – both are reserved in advance so do call beforehand. Otherwise, you may want to opt for the lounge area which is offered on a first-come first-served basis and enjoys quite a bit of sun (and maybe too much after 14:00). That’s where they serve also breakfast (think yummy toasted sandwich with turkey ham, cheese and avocado or yoghurt with granola/fruits) until 12:00, or all-day-snacks (think club sandwich, rib-eye skewers or tuna tortilla wraps) until 20:00.


Pomodorini salad with carob rusks, onion and feta cheese


The menu of the main restaurant is a nice mix of tasty starters and nicely cooked BBQ dishes – in between there are salads and some other mains but we still haven’t gotten our hands on them so stay put. Their mini burger (that’s singular, not plural) with wasabi mayo is quite good, albeit ridiculously overpriced as it comes in a very small size and can only serve as a nice bite for one person; the mini rock shrimp burger is even better! The salmon carpaccio with wasabi and yuzu dressing is also quite a nice addition the menu although their best seafood starter is indeed the boiled calamari rolled into a spaghetti-like structure with some sea urchin on top (think of it as the pasta sauce!) and some tarama spread on the side.


Mini beef burger


The serious business of the chef Panagiotis Yiakalis though is at the BBQ, tucked nicely outside the restaurant which emanates all sorts of nice smells of the grilled meat. We tried a 1.5kg tomahawk steak medium-cooked to perfection which was both tender and juicy – a full marks main! The Iberico pork ribs were also quite good, although we would recommend having this a shared dish, and the spare ribs were ok. Finally, we ordered a generous portion of the tsoureki dessert, topped with vanilla ice cream and marinated strawberries – a feast for the eyes and the stomach! Oh my god, one of the best desserts we’ve tried recently – well done. As the night gets on, Krabo gets a great vibe with some of that summer breeze hitting the decks of the lounge and restaurant area. The music is not that loud so it’s ideal for some nice mingling and the occasional laughs with your crew. Make sure you visit as a big group for a better experience!

Travel Food People - Krabo beach bar, Athens
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Athens: a bit of Mykonian-like glam at Krabo beach
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