A long weekend sundaze in Mykonos

A long weekend sundaze in Mykonos

Soak under the Mykonian sun and enjoy a short
yet fun getaway!

Weeklong beach vibes in Paros & Antiparos

The perfect island combo for a mellow and fun
week in the sun!

A culinary journey around Tinos

Immerse into a relaxing weeklong vacation,

exploring the delicious food scene of scenic Tinos!

Relaxing escape tour to delicious Naxos

Experience Greek tradition in quiet Naxos, tasting some of the
most delicious food of the country!

Discover majestic Santorini

Breathtaking views and a unique volcanic landscape for
an unforgettable vacation in Greece!

Elegant holidays in Mykonos and Paros

Indulge in a week-long fun vacation in two of the most

elegant islands of Greece.

Mellow down in beautiful and cosy Folegandros

Crystal clear waters, local cuisine and a relaxed vibe
in the remote beauty of Folegandros!

Sophisticated and laid back summer in Patmos

Discover the unique and cosmopolitan feel of this remote
island of the Aegean Sea.

Wellness booster in Athens

Experience the outdoor fitness fun of Athens coupled
with a wellness twist

Long and fun weekend in Thessaloniki

Explore the most romantic city in Greece with its rich history, creative arts scene
and great culinary heritage!

Romantic delight to Santorini and Folegandros

Explore the magnificent views in Santorini and the crystal clear waters
in beautiful Folegandros

Island hopping in Santorini & Milos

Explore two of the most picturesque islands of Greece
over an 8-day stay!

Going off the beaten path in beautiful Amorgos

Discover the rough beauty of Amorgos with its serene
blue waters and its beautiful unique vibe!

Elegant Greek tradition in Paros

Explore the cosmopolitan beauty of Paros and discover the
Cycladic tradition at its best!

Discovering greater Athens

Discover its rich cultural heritage coupled with

the modern Athenian lifestyle!

Arts & Culture Essentials of Athens

Discover more than just the ancient fundamentals
of Athens in just 4 days!

Discover Athens and detox in Nafplio

A quick tour of Athens and a more relaxed getaway to
Greece’s first modern capital, Nafplio

Cycladic charm and elegant food in Sifnos

Taste the cultivated food culture of Sifnos in the beautiful
backdrop of its white-washed alleys.