Toronto: arguably the best steak in the world, at Jacobs & Co Steakhouse
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Toronto: arguably the best steak in the world, at Jacobs & Co Steakhouse

Dimitris Kossyfas | 29 September 2017
Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse
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High-end steakhouses vary, in whatever the country, from dark posh covert drink joints to sterile faux riche establishments catering only to the super glam. Although Jacobs can easily be mistaken as somewhere in between, this is indeed a proper steakhouse for meat-lovers. And arguably, some experts in the field, claim this is the best steakhouse in the world.


Toronto is a vibrant city with all sorts of different flavours offered at restaurants and with so much around, Jacobs & Co can easily get lost when you walk past it. Coming recommended as it did, we had managed to get a late-evening reservation and were set for a proper meat experience right as we entered the cement-like facade.

Service was impeccable and very polite, showing us to our table upstairs as we walked by the glass fridge that stocks the premium cuts from Canada, the US and Japan. With the average steak going around $100, there are indeed many aged cuts on the menu that go up to rank of $600!

No matter the cost, sous chef Massimo Bogani and chef de cuisine Mike Erner cook every steak the same way, their only ingredients: salt, pepper, oil and heat.


As background piano music covers the hall, we roll our eyes over the menu and proceed with our order. Special of the house? Their infamous Ceasar’s salad, made a la minute right off from a moving cart and served fresh on the table, exactly like it should. You can tell by the first bite that there’s something spicy going on in the sauce or seasoning that is definitely making this special (apart from giving it a real kick!).

We start off with some freshly sucked Oysters sourced by the nearby Massachusetts region that emanate the freshness of saltwater and a lot more to it. Delicious!

As we go towards our main, we feast over the freshly baked oven breads with a hint of sweetness all the while sucking calories in. Steaks arrive, and no matter the cut, all of them have been properly aged in-house and cooked to perfection. If not, then the plates (we later find out) will not make it to your table. Food comes in miniature Saube casseroles and skillets, where meat takes the crown and not some silly decor garnish.

We opt for a medium Bone-In Ribeye from Alberta, CA, topped with a bit of foie gras and accompanied by sautéed greens et al. It’s fantastic!

Peter Tsebelis opened Jacobs & Co back in 2007 with a clear vision: learn, perfect and amaze! He offered free dinner to all patrons for the first five nights to go through the learning curve and see what can be made better. And that he did! Inspired by the luxe meat temples in Las Vegas, with their modern decor and sky’s-the-limit wine lists, Tsebelis managed to quickly draw the crowds in.

Indeed, one of the best steakhouses in the world. Hats off!


Bone-In Ribeye from Alberta, CA, topped with foie gras

Fillet steak photo: SincerelyKN

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Toronto: arguably the best steak in the world, at Jacobs & Co Steakhouse
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