Thessaloniki: meat lovers reunited at Opsopion Magganie
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Thessaloniki: meat lovers reunited at Opsopion Magganie

Lucas Senderowicz | 7 May 2017
Opsopion Magganie
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This restaurant, with such a strange name (it actually means the magic of cooking) is probably what every restaurant should be like. It is a romantic place to go as a couple, but also a quiet spot to relax with friends. A place where time seems to stop to let us enjoy food, wine and company.

Let me tell you a story. About 2 years ago, by chance, we found a small restaurant in a small street near the hotel Makedonia Palace, in Thessaloniki. It seemed quite cozy so we decided to try it. To be honest, we did not expect big things, but, luckily, we were wrong.

There is not even one dish that disappointed us and, over the time, we have tried them all!


One of the things I love about Maganie is that every time I go they have some new dish, some sort of special dish using some ingredient the chef brought from the market. They keep their classics, like the gnocci with parmesan sauce and truffles or the salad with caramelized walnut and beets but it’s always nice to have something new. In our last visit, for example, we tried a new salad: mandarin, mozzarella, mix of lettuce and herbs, pomegranate, balsamic pearls and a little nuts. It was awesome!

If you are going to try it I recommend you to choose several dishes to share like cod toast, mushroom millefuille or green asparagus with egg and truffle.


Although the food is always delicious you can not speak of Maganie without mentioning the host, waiter and owner Dimitris. In all my life I have not seen a waiter that conveys so much peace and tranquility. He moves from table to table like fish in the water. And he is a great sommelier! We always let ourselves be recommended and he never fails. Moreover, the second time we went, he not only remembered us, but remembered the wine we had tried and how much we had enjoyed it . Even today, after countless visits, he remembers every single wine he has served us.


Having traveled through several countriestouring restaurants I have to say that Maganie is one of my favorites. They will probably never have a Michelin star or enter the 50best list but I assure you the food is 10 and the service too. Simple, home food at its best.


To finish, let’s talk about the desserts. There is something you should know about me, as you might guess, I love food and eating in general, but the sweets… Well, to make it short, lets just say that I should be living in the gym after what I eat. Just as with the savory plates, there are some standard ones like the pavlova (very recommendable, it is not overly sweet and the mastic twist on the merengue gives a very distinctive touch) and some specials. Yesterday, for example, they had an amazing baked alaska, with passion fruit. Wow, I’m still drooling!

As I said at the beginning in Maganie the time “stops”, if you are on a rush, this is not the restaurant for you. And call to book, especially if you want to go during the weekend!

Images: Dimitris Kossyfas

* Since 2018, Opsopion Magganie changed location.

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Thessaloniki: meat lovers reunited at Opsopion Magganie
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