The Weekly Getaway: reminiscing the summer days in Puglia
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The Weekly Getaway: reminiscing the summer days in Puglia

Victoire Leroy | 18 December 2020
Puglia, Italy
Best time to go:
May-Jun and Sep
Ideal trip duration:
7-9 nights

Summer is gone. I moved from New York and am now in my Paris apartment for a second lockdown. When I had dinner last night, I drizzled a bit of Apulian olive oil on my fish. The olive oil is stored in a small colourful ceramic bottle that I bought back in September when I first discovered & fell in love with Puglia

In the last few years, Puglia has certainly become one of Italy’s most famous regions. Everything Italian lovers are craving for is there: ancient towns and churches, extravagant architecture, endless olive fields and abundant orgasmic food ranging from pasta, cheese, veggies filled with sun and Primitivo wine!


This flavorful olive oil made me go back for a moment on the Adriatic sea when I was eating my way through the small Apulian towns, exploring the rocky beaches and indulging in the dolce vita!


  • Ostuni – this breathtaking, beautiful town is an inevitable stop on your trip to Puglia.  Ostuni is nicknamed the “white city” due to its whitewashed buildings. Back in the Middle Age, houses were cleaned with whitewash to avoid contamination such as the plague.
  • Beaches on the Adriatic sea such as Torre Sant’Andrea, Polignano a mare or cavi di bauxite (well known for its red soil)
  • Explore Lecce and its Baroque architecture. The historic center of Lecce is pretty small and compact, making it a great place for walking.
  • Alberobello – visit the historical Trulli and discover those traditional Apulian dry stone huts with a conical roof specific to the Itria Valley.
  • Monopoli – an extremely cute fishing village on the Adriatic coast. Known for its famous cathedral, little cafes and delicious pizza, Monopoli is a must! This town is very close to Polignano a mare so we recommend visiting the two in a row.
  • Enza Fasano ceramics – one of my favorite parts of the trip! Check this stunning shop & head home with colourful, hand-painted beautiful kitchenware!
  • EAT!! Puglia is known for its so creamy and flavorful burrata, mozzarella cheese, olives, octopus, orecchiette pasta and so much more!


When visiting the Puglia region, you will come across the term “masseria”. Masserie (plural) are historically restored farmhouses that turned into bed and breakfasts or even luxury hotels.

  • Masseria Cataldo – this masseria was a real safe haven. Gaetano and his wife renovated the farmhouse a few years ago and built a real little gem. This is the perfect location if you’re looking for something quiet, romantic, authentic and personal.
  • Masseria San Giovanni – upscale masseria offering spacious bedrooms overlooking olive fields. Central location makes it easy to commute to all the towns around.

Tip: It is necessary to rent a car when arriving in Puglia for a smooth and time optimized journey. Brindisi and Bari are the two main airports in the region. From north to south, it takes about an hour and a half to travel the Adriatic coast. Main cities are generally no more than 20 minutes from each other.


  • Natale in Lecce – the best ice cream of the region
  • Gustavo in Galatone – a tiny restaurant, in the heart of Galatone, a small town in the province of Lecce. There, you don’t choose what you eat. Servers just keep arriving with plates of antipasti, fresh pasta, meat, vegetables and dessert! Make sure to book in advance for dinner and we recommend having a light lunch 😉
  • Il Cortiletto in Fasano – a bit similar to Gustavo. This place focuses on the quality of its products and a friendly atmosphere.
  • Casevicio Crovace – the nicest little gem to grab excellent mozzarella, meat and antipasti for the perfect aperitivo! You can also ask for their sandwiches with coppa and stracciatella!
  • Masseria Morosetta – this very Instagrammable place is maybe *the* spot you don’t wanna miss. Everything there is perfect: from the sunset light, to the isolated pool, the home decor and Angela, the owner’s naughty but adorable bulldog, everything is gathered to spend an unforgettable time.
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The Weekly Getaway: reminiscing the summer days in Puglia
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