The Weekly Getaway: mountain trails and culinary treats in Tinos
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The Weekly Getaway: mountain trails and culinary treats in Tinos

Dimitris Kossyfas | 27 July 2016
Best time to go:
May-Jul and Sep-Oct
Ideal trip duration:
5 nights
Last updated:
15 July 2023

You’ve probably heard of Tinos because of the religious spotlight that floods the island each year around mid-August with thousands of believers, but if you opt for different travel dates you will surely get a taste of some great culinary treats and mountain trails.


On the way to Planitis


The bay of Agia Thalassa


Surfers’ retreat in the north of the island at Kolybithra beach


The view from Thalassaki tavern in Isternia bay


Family-run convenience store in Ktikados, that doubles as a restaurant with delicious maze


Delicious zucchini puffs hot off straight the frying pan


Traditional veal slow-cooked in the pot, served with thick-cut fried potatoes


Locals meat at the main square of Pyrgos village



  • Pyrgos or Panormos – the biggest village with a marble museum, nice traditional square with lots of cafes and small tavernas to have a Greek coffee and desert. Try Megalos Kafenes for its galaktompoureko and kataif (Greek/Middle-Eastern traditional pastries). Just off the main square make sure to check out Margarita’s store which makes soaps and marmalades from locally-sourced products

  • Volax – village in the middle of the island with a unique scenery of meteorites and stones. As you enter the village have a chat with Mr Iossif. He sells the most delicious capers and sun dried tomatoes, as well as herbs he’s picked himself from all over the island. Take the time to wander around the little alleys, the houses’ walls are covered in handwritten poems

  • Loutra – very small village with an interesting school and museum (check opening times first). Could be combined with Kolibithra beach

  • Kardiani – the most scenic village with great views to the Aegean sea (also elevated). It’s considered the island’s greenest village.

  • Panagia Evangelistria Cathedral and Museum – most popular church in the island with a lot of history behind it. This is the place where pilgrims from all over Greece come to pay tribute to Virgin Mary. While many focus on the church the museum showcases some amazing findings such as offerings that date from the Greek Revolution.

  • Ursuline Convent – On your way to Volax make a pit stop and check out this beautiful Catholic Monastery. It’s the reason why some of the island’s very old women speak very good French!



  • Aeolis Tinos Suites & Luxury Residences – high-end boutique hotel featuring some good rooms and some with private pools; located in the Triantaros village so not that close to where all the other action is

  • Living Theros Luxury Suites – cosy suites with great aesthetics in the beautiful and quiet village of Kardiani
  • Big Blue – your average Cycladic stay in this very simple yet very cute boutique hotel with great views; located in Kionia so only 5-10 mins away from Chora and quite close to all of the south part of the island

  • Crossroads inn – A beautifully renovated complex of old Tinian houses located in the small island of Tripotamos not far from the Hora. The rooms and service will make you feel like home

  • Ivy’s Natural Resort – immaculate suites near the village of Triantaros with great views to the Aegean sea.


  • Kolibithra – surf club and hotspot for surfers; sandy beach with a few umbrellas and a nice canteen operating out of an old VW van. Their cocktails and salads are the best possible beach snack.

  • Apigania – unorganised sandy beach which is perfect even if its windy!

  • Agia Thalassa and Panormos – hard to reach but totally worth it if you’re up for adventure (the road is not that great); also features a tiny bar and may want to prefer over others if it’s windy. Could be combined with a visit to the tiny isle of Planitis (you need to swim there)

  • Pachia Ammos – close to the port with sand dunes but nothing special

  • Ormos Isternion – nice sandy beach in the leftmost side of the bay; could be combined with a nice but expensive meal at To Thalassaki (if you really wanna do that!)

  • Bianco – new beach bar that opened in 2019 with a limited but well equipped sunbeds; can also try having a bite nextdoor at their restaurant which features some upscale dishes


  • Tarsanas – excellent choice for a sunset dinner with a view; careful as it may be windy and you’ll also need a reservation. Don’t miss out on the country sausage! Read our full review here.

  • To Agnanti – amazing small mini market in the traditional cute village of Ktikados, that also offers delicious snacks all day long. Homegrown and cured sun-dried tomatoes, locally sourced capers and an awesome veal, slow-cooked in the pot… yum! Read our full review here.

  • To Thalassaki – overpriced and overrated but definitely worth a visit due to its high end creative cuisine and it’s unique spot right in front of the sea in Ysternia. Make sure you get a booking, especially if you go after the beach around 4-5pm. Read our full review here.

  • Tereza – amazingly tasting home-cooked food in the village of Myrsini with home grown produce. Make sure you call in ahead to reserve a spot during August when it gets busy! Read our full review here.

  • Katoi – amazing scenery (almost taken out of a movie) in a traditional cute square of Smardakito village (there’s nothing else there).

  • Sta Fis’aera – Great spot for a post-beach lunch in the village of Aetofolia. Very famous for its slow-roasted meat and its salads.

  • To Triantaraki – very cosy breakfast spot that also dubs as a nice corner for raki at night in the village of Triantaros.

  • Kalais – tucked under a tree on the main square of Komi, Kalais is perfect for a casual drink with a 60s-70s soundtrack.

  • Svoura – the newly-opened restaurant in Komi serves creative Greek meze at very affordable prices. Don’t miss out on the fava with truffle oil and the perfectly crisp courgette chips.

  • Krok Mesie – one of the best breakfast spots on the island in the tiny village of Krokos (on the way to Kolibithra). Delicious omelettes and a mouthwatering French toast with tahini, honey and cinnamon! Read our full review here.
  • Exo Meria – breathtaking view and delicious breakfast options, located in Isternia. The Greek style scrambled eggs and the croque madame are excellent hangover cures. You can also go back from sunset cocktails – their balcony is the best vantage point on the island. Read our full review here


  • Santiago – great drinks spot in Tinos town, also serving high quality tequillas and tasty tacos!
  • Kaktos – one of the few bars, sitting at the top of a hill and offering a nice view to the port. Make sure to head there after 2am otherwise it’s empty!

  • Koursaros – Bar with rock music and good cocktails. The inside bit is more fun than sitting outside.

  • Argonautis – One of Tinos’ nightlife institutions – it’s the place to start what will be a long night of dancing!

  • OmmA – lounge with a breathtaking view of Mykonos and Delos on the way from Tripotamos to the Chora. Creative cocktails and comfy couches.

  • Mesklies – if you’re a honey puff or loukoumas fan (who isn’t) – that’s the place to go. We recommend ordering the classic ones with honey and walnuts.
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