The Weekly Getaway: Canberra’s authentic charm
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The Weekly Getaway: Canberra’s authentic charm

Marie Nieves | 15 March 2017
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Unfairly overshadowed by Sydney and Melbourne, the city of Canberra isn’t the first Australian destination for a getaway that comes to mind. However, it breathes with a unique and relaxed vibe, and features many stylish restaurants, pubs and elevated art. Instead of immediately heading to the forever-crowded city of Sydney, you should let Canberra delight you with its authentic charm.


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NewActon Precinct

NewActon, a cultural precinct and the heart of Canberra, has a unique style and atmosphere that have spread throughout the city giving it a recognisable quality. One of the area’s landmarks is the Nishi Gallery, a pineapple-shaped building that features a variety of exhibitions by local, national and international artists, which is the perfect place to satisfy your artistic side. Since NewAction is Canberra’s centre of creativity, originality, art and design, you’ll come across at surprising and inspiring artwork at almost every corner.


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Australian War Memorial

Being home to Australian history, the Australian War Memorial is one of the most popular attractions in Canberra where you can get to know the identity of Australia. Here, you can learn about the national history, watch light and sound displays, and be moved by the experience of Australian soldiers. The main highlights include a submarine sonar from the Cold War, the eternal flame, the tomb of the unknown Australian soldier, and many others.


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Parliament House

At the iconic Australian Parliament House, you can join an engaging guided tour and learn more about the political system of Australia or see the politicians in action during the Question Time. Even if you’re not a politics aficionado, a visit to the Parliament House will be exciting and educational. At the building’s roof, you can enjoy one of the most spectacular views of Canberra and come close to the iconic flag mast, one of the largest steel monuments in the world.


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  • Riddle Room – to have a completely different and unique experience, visit the Riddle Room with your friends. To escape the room, you need to solve the puzzle using the clues from your surroundings and your wits – you have 60 minutes to do this

  • National Gallery of Australia – whether you’re interested in indigenous Australian art, photography, decorative arts or international exhibits, the National Gallery of Australia is the perfect place to soak in the Australian culture

  • National Zoo and Aquarium – wander around the zoo, observe both native and exotic species or get a bit closer and feed a bear or a cheetah at the National Zoo and Aquarium

  • Australian National Botanic Gardens – the perfect place to enjoy and learn about Australia’s diverse native plants in an atmosphere of tranquillity

  • Mount Ainslie Lookout – for the most perfect view of Canberra, you should go to Mount Ainslie and enjoy the picturesque scenery. If you’re traveling with a group of friends, you can opt for an affordable charter bus rental and visit Lake Burley Griffin and other national attractions


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  • Ovolo Nishi – recently taken over by the Ovolo Group, this hotel is the perfect place to stay if you have an eye for detail and enjoy everything being in its place. Each room has a unique contemporary décor and a cosy atmosphere, while a few have a view of the secret interior garden.

  • Hyatt Hotel – one of the most famous five-star hotels in the world will satisfy your every whim. It’s the perfect accommodation for art deco lovers who want to experience Canberra’s glamour.

  • Jamala Wildlife Lodge – stay at Jamala Wildlife Lodge if you want accommodation that offers a safari experience. Whether you choose a Jungle Bungalow, Giraffe Treehouse or a suite within the uShaka Lodge, your stay will turn into an adventure.


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  • Kingston Hotel – also known as The Kingo, Kingston Hotel is one of the most popular pubs in Canberra. At its Maddie’s Bistro, you can try beer battered flathead tails, or have a more interactive experience at its Steakhouse where you can cook your own steak.

  • Hippo – jazz lovers shouldn’t miss Hippo’s authentic vibe and fine whiskey. Here, you can try their boilermakers – a combination of whiskey and beer, which go perfectly with their smoked wagyu.

  • Frugii Dessert Laboratory – anyone with a sweet tooth will simply fall in love with the ice-creams at the Frugii Dessert Laboratory. Here, you can choose among flavours such as Tim Tam, peanut butter, bacon and salted butter caramel, or try all of them if you can’t decide.

  • Sage – the restaurant where food turns into art will provide you with an authentic gastronomic experience. Whether you choose their McAsh oysters or delicious honeycomb parfait, you’ll definitely want to have seconds.


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Once you visit Canberra, you’ll be charmed by its culture, art and extraordinary attractions. The capital city of Australia can certainly match the splendour of Sydney or Melbourne; so, don’t miss the opportunity to have an adventure in Canberra.

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