Syndey: Where to Wine and Dine Down Under
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Syndey: Where to Wine and Dine Down Under

Marie Nieves | 6 December 2016

Normal 0 false false false EN-GB JA X-NONE There’s certain beauty in being spontaneous, especially when it comes to exploring a country you’ve never visited before. You don’t have to keep up with a strict schedule or worry about the last minute changes. Instead, you can just do what you feel like doing in the moment and see where it takes you.

Therefore, if you’re planning to travel to Sydney, but you’d rather experience it with spontaneity, here’s a list of neighbourhoods and restaurants you can visit if you happen to feel like wining and dining.

Start your Day at Bill’s

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Despite its immense popularity, Bill’s doesn’t require making reservations, so if you want to start your day with a delicious meal, this is the place to go. Named after Bill Ganger, also known as Sydney’s Breakfast King, the restaurant does live up to its chef’s reputation. Once you taste the amazing Ricotta Hotcakes with Honeycomb butter in a casual and relaxed atmosphere, you’ll definitely make plans to revisit.


Bill’s, Image source:

Walk to Manly, Dine in Manly Pavilion

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If you decide to experience Spit Bridge to Manly Walk, one of the most popular ones in Sydney, you can rest and dine in Manly Pavilion, an Italian restaurant. Located at the waterfront, it provides you with the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful view over a glass of finest wine. Therefore, if you have cravings for Italian food after a walk, there’s no better place to round up your trip for the day.


Manly Pavilion, Image source:

New Experience at “Old” Glenmore

Although it was built in 1921, the Glenmore pub is completely up-to-date with the newest trends. The most favourite area of Glenmore’s guests is the beautiful rooftop terrace where you can enjoy the most breath-taking view of Australia’s landmarks – the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Wooden benches and red industrial chairs contribute to an authentic vibe of this rustic pub. While sitting and observing the city lights under you, you can enjoy the food served straight off the barbecue.


Glenmore, Image source:

Admire the Opera House from the Opera Bar

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Normal 0 false false false EN-GB JA X-NONE Alongside the Opera House, there’s a bar popular both among locals and among tourists; well, among those who are lucky enough to know about it, that is. The Opera Bar has much to offer, including live music, colourful cocktails and the most beautiful views of the Circular Quay, the Harbour Bridge and, of course, the Opera House. You should just relax, enjoy the amazing and colourful setting, and taste the bar’s own beer.


Opera Bar, Image source:

Dine in Bondi at Sean’s Panaroma

Normal 0 false false false EN-GB JA X-NONE As the most popular beach in Sydney, the Bondi Beach will definitely be on your to-visit list, so while you’re there, don’t miss the opportunity to dine in Sean’s Panaroma. Despite the fact that it’s not too big, the restaurant enjoys great reputation, owing to the service of high quality and superb food. You will have to make a reservation, which might be the opposite from your “be spontaneous” policy, but it will be worth the effort.


Sean’s Panaroma, Image source:

Find What You Like in One of the Star Restaurants

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As the home of some of the Australia’s finest restaurants, the Star will provide you with a variety of attractive options. Sokyo will satisfy your cravings for the authentic Japanese cuisine, at The Century you can try the delicious Cantonese food, and if you want a slice of wood-fired pizza, you can visit the open-air Pizzaperta. Whatever decision you make, you won’t regret it.


The Star Sydney, Image source:

Explore Chippendale, Dine in Style

Normal 0 false false false EN-GB JA X-NONE After strolling down Spice Alley in Chippendale, a small suburb in Sydney, take some time to savour the food, as well. You can dine in style at some of the Chippendale restaurants, including Ester and Automata. While Automata will inspire you with its dishes, each of them representing a true masterpiece, Ester will delight you with a unique laid-back, but chic atmosphere. Chippendale has even more to offer, so head down there and see for yourself.


Chippendale restaurants, Image source:

Let yourself go and be spontaneous for a truly memorable experience. Who knows where the tides of Sydney will take you.

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Syndey: Where to Wine and Dine Down Under
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