Specialty Coffee Culture All Around

Specialty Coffee Culture All Around

Hosted | 3 November 2016

You may be noticing more and more these days, the ever creative coffee inventions left and right. Gone are the days of a simple order of just ‘black coffee’. From New York to London and Athens, baristas are getting hipper by the minute.

So hang tight, we’ re taking you on a journey to explore new coffee trends and present you the latest from the best!


1. Athens by Dimitris Kossyfas

Turkish coffee is well known and has spread across continents, adopting almost a new name in each country across the Balkans. In Greece, we called it Greek Coffee after the 1970s and has long been about unwinding and slowly sipping the hot creamy beverage in a traditional cup.


Lately, Athenian coffee shops have been mad about importing new coffee beverages with an aim at bringing specialty coffee to Greece. In spite of this, some barista still insist on heritage and go strong on the Greek coffee; this time, in a freddo version.


Greek coffee, freddo style


Every barista knows that what makes a coffee stand-out is a complex process of orchestrating: time, temperature, weight of coffee and quality of water. – Aris Engelis, at Bottega Coffee Wine Bar


2. London by Melina Zarouka

Italians do it better and we could not agree more; but there is something else behind it when we say express-o. It is not just so last year, it is an ex for a reason.

The coffee culture scene in London has evolved rapidly during the last years and Londoners have a strong say on how they have it. From the yummie mummies’ flat whites to the golden boys’ strong espresso martinis, everyone -no we do mean every single person in London- can have it in a different way.


Their barista is their new Psi (aka psychologist), knowing everything about making it the right way to make them smile.

Cold brews during the hot summer days and ginger spicy for the cold festive ones, keep hip brits up and running in the city that they don’t want it to fall asleep, evah!


Twisting the coffee is our new habit. From adding spices to even alcohol our baristas experiment on new combos daily. Our signature espresso martini is the City’s favourite and the essential ritual to start the evening with! – Dave, at Holborn Grind


3. New York by Anastasia Hassiotis

Iced coffee used to be a thing for New Yorkers that were craving for an iced coffee beverage during the scorching summer heat in the city. Then it got so passé with Starbucks having gotten the hang of iced coffee. Enter cold brew… the process of cold-water-extract coffee served over ice.

Ken Nye, founder and owner of Ninth Street Roasting Co. and Ninth Street Espresso, has long been a firm believer of great coffee without the pretentiousness. They launched their first coffee shop back in 2001 and if you ever visit one of them you’ll get exactly what he means. 100% authenticity and great coffee.


Do what you love and the success will likely follow. If you are passionate about your creation people will respond to it – Ken Nye, at Ninth Street Espresso

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Specialty Coffee Culture All Around
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