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The idea of Travel Food People was conceived in 2016, whilst traveling on a business trip from Athens to Berlin with very limited time to explore, a huge number of online recommendations but not a single trusted source for curated travel guides.

Starting from there, Dimitris Kossyfas and Anastasia Hassiotis built and led an international team of bloggers, creating highly-curated personalized narratives centred around Travel, Food and People. In 2017 they started collaborating with a varied clientele in the Hospitality and Media industries for content creation services.

In 2020, they launched their Plan Your Trip service, offering customized trip planning services, for a few select destinations in Greece. In that, they also integrated their affiliate brand Estia Villas for luxury villa rentals in Greece.

In 2021, they re-launched their offering focusing more on curated, highly-customized travel packages in Greece. They’re partnering with a curated list of boutique hotels and travel activity providers, suited to the informed traveller.