People: our 5 things to wait for, post-lockdown

People: our 5 things to wait for, post-lockdown

Dimitris Kossyfas | 14 March 2021

It may be a year since the first lockdown, but now more so than ever we’re moving towards the right direction. With springtime abundant in the streets of Athens, this is now the best time to think of what’s coming. Whether you’re reading this from afar or are already in Greece, now is the time to plan ahead.

Now is the time to decide on getting back to a better normal.

Here’s our top 5 list:

1. Savor the ultimate Greek food and taverna – along with Spring comes al fresco dining – alas! Athens is full of outdoors tavernas and we can’t wait to sip that tsipouro with friends under the Ahenian sun. What a treat! Just try picturing what we missed:

  • Yperokianio in Piraeus and their Kimolos-sourced produce
  • Barbounaki in Nea Erythrea and their signature seabass carpaccio
  • Palio Taxydromeio in Halandri and their lush garden at nighttime
  • Ta Kanaria in Moschato and their old school vibe in their courtyard


2. Travel somewhere, anywhere! Roadtrip? – we all can’t wait to get out of the city and there are plenty of reasons why we should. Summer holidays can wait for another few weeks… meanwhile, if you’re stuck in the Greek capital, there’s lots to explore North or South:

  • North – the ancient site of Delphi and the seafront of Galaxidi are both a treat if you’re into a day-trip. If you wish to extend, then check out Vasilikia Mountain Farm & Retreat for a unique stay in the Pavliani woods.
  • SouthNafplio is where the rural roots of Greece lie, offering ample sites to explore and an amazing guesthouse for a long weekend. Explore the ancient site of Mycenae and on your way back from Nafplio reserve a table at Maryvonne’s restaurant


3. Take on a Catamaran cruise around Attica – go down to Piraeus port and get the first boat (remember to come back!). If you really want to go next level, why not sail away? Catamaran Sailing Greece offers many personalised routes around Athens for you to choose from! Visit Kolona beach in Kythnos and have lunch at Aristos in Kea before coming back refreshed from a weekend aboard.


4. Hop on a plane, come back home – airlines are in such murky waters that in Australia, the government started offering discounted domestic flights. To make things more exciting, Qantas is bringing back mystery flights! Australia may be too far off the grid now, but Greece is not. With lots of miles unused there’s bound to be a destination back home that you’ve missed!

Hop on an Aegean Airlines flight and visit a Greek island: Corfu, Kythira and Chios are all amazing Easter destinations!

P.S. Better yet if you’re reading this from Greece. You’re so much closer – pack a small bag, hail a cab to the airport!


5. Start making plans again – with so much pent-up demand for travel plans, we can’t be wasting any more time for this summer getaway. Now is the time to start drafting your summer list. Hell, now you can even make it to that special destination you weren’t able to book before! We certainly know where we’re going this summer: Koufonisia, Patmos and Milos are definitely on the list!

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People: our 5 things to wait for, post-lockdown
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