People: my 2020 in restaurant visits

People: my 2020 in restaurant visits

Electra Tsakalidou | 7 January 2021

After a nomadic few years, jumping on and off airplanes almost on a weekly basis, 2020 made me appreciate staying at home – and the home cooking that went along with it. It also gave a renewed meaning to going out for dinner. Looking back at the past twelve months some of my 2020 milestones and small happy moments took place in restaurants:


In January, on our first day back in Brussels, my husband and I stared at our empty fridge in our empty apartment and decided to celebrate our move at Kokuban. The bowl of hearty ramen was the perfect contrast to the freezing weather and sealed the start of our new life together in our new neighbourhood.


The decadent meal of duck confit, veal sweetbreads with girolles mushrooms, warm chocolate profiteroles, and red wine on a warm July evening at Chez Dupont in Bordeaux. The last stop of our long-awaited post-lockdown road trip to the Basque Country and the Bordeaux vineyards.The post-beach lunch at Ostria in Kythnos. The crisp white wine, perfectly steamed wild greens and grilled fresh fish were the epitome of the Greek summer I was so patiently waiting for.


A sunny September catch up on the MiTo terrace with girlfriends. A sneaky pizza break from work, followed by a stroll in the Tenbosch park admiring the flowers – a reminder of all the reasons I love Brussels.A pre-flight lunch at Glikanisos in Thessaloniki, the restaurant where I have celebrated most of my life’s big events, including my university graduation and 30th birthday. I know the menu by heart, and their taramosalata is one for the ages.A pub lunch in Wiltshire. The scotched egg jokes and the hope that 2021 will allow for more memorable meals with our loved ones.So much to look forward to. In the meantime, take care. And wear a mask.

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People: my 2020 in restaurant visits
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