News: chef Peskias launches elegant dining service at home in Athens

News: chef Peskias launches elegant dining service at home in Athens

Travel Food People | 24 September 2020

An all-time favourite chef and food persona of Greece just launched a private dining take-out service and we couldn’t be more excited! Chef Peskias of Different & Different now offers a fully-fledged menu through its new offering “the box”.


It was a sunny summer morning right after the Covid-19 lockdown in Athens when Margarita Sarantopoulos, the mastermind behind the D&D team, started posting some teaser reels of the idea on Instagram. Born out of the awfully quiet days of the lockdown, the idea was that if people could not come to them then it should be the food coming to the people! Three months later, that’s exactly what they did.


The dynamic duo created a private-dining take-out menu with all-time favourite dishes (think Cretan salmon with crushed rusk, ginger dressing and lemon!), as well as tasty new additions (look out for the chicken curry!) that will make you shine at your new friends gathering at home! Catering to an a la carte menu, where you can pick and choose starters, main courses and desserts, the box also offers themed menus for kids, Asian treats, Mexican specials and more. Just give them a couple of days notice and you’ll have the food delivered to your door for a small fee.

Christoforos (known in Athens for all-time classic restaurants like 48, π-box and Balthazar) is not new in the catering space, as through D&D they have been tending to private events, corporate catering and other special food events since 2011. What makes them stick though is the attentive mindset in whatever they do. The chef is constantly looking for new flavours and cooking methods, whilst Margarita is always one step ahead in terms of what’s next for their business. Together they make a winning team, and that’s evident in every single bite!

Now all we have to do is to wait for them to add our favourite π-box potato salad to the menu!


Chicken curry


Gianduja chocolate mousse


Peskias’ signature gianduja chocolate mousse

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News: chef Peskias launches elegant dining service at home in Athens
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