News: Athens welcomes international bartenders this week

News: Athens welcomes international bartenders this week

Hosted | 7 November 2017

The annual Athens Bar Show is taking place this week in the city, attracting some of the most talented international bartenders. Here’s five events we have carefully selected, that are open to the public, which you should be attending!


Manhattan @ Odori Philip Bischoff, bar manager of “Manhattan” at Regent Hotel in Singapore, which is ranked at #7 on World’s 50 Best Bars list this year, is coming to Odori on Tuesday 7/11. This exemplary hotel bar serves extraordinary classic cocktails, as well as new versions of them, with a twist. Philip is known for having two rooms at the bar, where materials are fermented in glass and cocktails are aged in drums – hopefully he will bring in his baggage something from those rooms.


Lost + Found Drinkery @ 42 Barstronomy.AthensHaving undergone a redecoration, along with its skilful bar team -Sourbatis, Chrimpouras, Papadopoulos- and its bar food expert Stamatis Marmarinos, the new 42 bar is relaunching. There are three guest bartending events that will take place, which will lead to its official opening on Thursday 9/11. Among the guests is the Cypriot team of Lost + Found Drinkery (Tuesday 7/11), whose owner is Mr. Dinos Konstantinides. The bar made an impressive leap to the 29th place on the list of World’s 50 Best Bars this year, since last year’s 43rd place.


Dandelyan @ The ZillersThe roof garden of the The Zillers boutique hotel is the perfect setting to flourish the botanical philosophy of the award-winning “Dandelyan” Hotel Bar in London. Two of its bartenders, Dan Garnell and Alex Lawrence, will serve this Tuesday 7/11 a special cocktail list, which you will also be able to enjoy with some fingerfood by chef Konstantina Faklaris.


Le Mary Celeste @ The Trap From the Paris bar scene, in which the world’s leading bartending industry seems to have been paying a lot of attention, Le Mary Celeste, a creation of Quixotic Projects (owners of “Candelaria”, “Glass” as well) is coming to The Trap this Tuesday, 7/11. In this takeover, two bartenders of this cute bar-restaurant will create their refined cocktails, the most famous being “Le Mary Celeste”, while its chef will be creating dishes made of fresh ingredients.


London in Athens @ Noel Roots, the Greek company which creates premium traditional spirits, carries out a takeover of Noel in partnership with four London bars, this Tuesday 7/11. Root’s English Ambassador Gabriele Manfredi from “Oriole” (photo), Giannis Sitanos from “American Bar”, Michele Venturini from “Cahoots” and Sergio Leanza from “Nine Lives”, will be serving Greek inspired cocktails.

Source: Athinorama / Images: Athinorama

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News: Athens welcomes international bartenders this week
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