New York: the hottest restaurants (and brunch places) in town right now
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New York: the hottest restaurants (and brunch places) in town right now

Anastasia Hassiotis | 23 March 2018

Famed as the foodie’s paradise and filled with many delicious options, New York is the place to be when it comes to eating out. Be it breakfast, dinner or brunch, we drool over the simply presented dishes and dig in at once. Although new places keep on appearing on the map, we’ve spotted the hottest ones -classic or new- and are ready to share the love!


Madame Vo

4.0 / 5

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What is really great at Madame Vo is their menu, made with humility love and passion. But also the trendy, vibrant and still intimate atmosphere you can feel as soon as you step in the restaurant.

Although the place is well-known for its famous Pho, the menu is very complete and offers a wide selection of generous traditional family recipes. Their shrimp garlic noodles is just the best meal you could ever wish for! They take veggie fried rice to a whole new level and all their appetizers are fresh, delicious and perfect to share! Especially the summer roll and the pork & shrimp fried rolls.


Bunker Vietnamese

3.8 / 5

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For those who’ve been living in NY for some years now, Bunker Vietnamese is definitely a familiar place and the good news is they’ve moved to a bigger and brighter location.

In 2013, right in the heart of an industrial area in Queens a small Vietnamese place made its debut and 3 years later, Bunker moved to its new colorful place in Bushwick. The menu is quite long offering a variety of appetizers and main courses.


4 Charles Prime Rib

4.8 / 5

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4 Charles Prime Rib, owned by the famous Brendan Sodikoff of Chicago’s “Au Cheval“, landed in NY in 2017 and it’s the place you should be visiting next! Picture this… a 10 table restaurant, wood covered walls, classy art paintings, oversized dark red booths… the perfect combination of old-school and chic! The steak is obviously delicious but make sure you don’t miss out on the Carbonara Cacio e Pepe and the American Cheeseburger – the best around.


Cafe Altro Paradiso

4.5 / 5

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Cafe Altro Paradiso launched in Soho in 2016, with a distinctly different menu, one focusing mostly on seasonal produce and Italian flavors. Restauranteur Thomas Carter and chef Ignacio Mattos are not new around the Manhattan dining scene (think Estela) and the success was a given to start with. Great pasta flavours and a dimly-lit cosy interiors atmosphere for intimate dining.


Cote Korean Steakhouse

4.3 / 5

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Chef Simon Kim, owner of Michelin-starred Piora in the West Village, and chef David Shim have newly opened this high-style version of a Korean steakhouse in the Flatiron district. There’s a lounge area at the entrance and a marble-topped bar in the center, dividing the space into two dining rooms. Japanese-built yakiniku grills are set into the center of the tables which make this place very convivial and perfect for group gathering.

The meat that Cote grills is prime beef aged anywhere from a week to four and a half months in the dry-aging room downstairs with meat from DeBragga and other local vendors.



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Located near the Jefferson stop on the L train, Faro is the first Bushwick restaurant ever to get a Michelin star. In this seasonal restaurant the menus change often but the board of dishes always includes house-made pastas, wood-fired porgy, steak, and porridge.

The chef Kevin Adey and his wife transformed this former warehouse space that once used to store sculptures for MoMa into a 50-seat dining room known as Bushwick’s new star. There’s a long bar in front at which you can hang or drink a Bloody Mary made with sun-dried tomatoes or a local beer while waiting for your table. The ever-changing menu includes Gnocchi alla Romana (large flour dumplings with red wine braised beef), Ricotta Cavatelli with wild mushrooms; Squid ink calamarati, and Lobster raviolis…

The brunch


Daily Provisions

4.5 / 5

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Danny Meyer has long been the king of restaurants and fast food (aka Shake Shack) in NYC – with Daily Provisions, an all-day coffee-shop-meets-bakery in Union Square (where else, right?), he’s arguably becoming our favourite when it comes to tasty yet simple food!

Top item on the agenda? Hard to say.

The classic Egg Sandwich is a delicious fix of a soft poppy-seed brioche bun with melted cheese, a fried (runny if you’d like) egg, two thick slices of American pork belly bacon and a hint of their magic Wake-Up sauce. enough to make you full but also enough to keep you begging for more! On the sweets side, the cruller is a must.


Ice Cream menu at Daily Provisions


Sunday in Brooklyn

4.5 / 5

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Pecan sticky bun at Sunday in Brooklyn



4.3 / 5

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Sundays are for late starts, mostly, but when jetlag hits you or you generally are an early-riser, make sure you get Buvette on your list for a perfect Sunday brunch! French acquired character, buzzing vibes and romantic indoors give this place an extra kick… apart from their delicious bites!

The menu is indeed French with some deliberate detours to Italy and keeps on changing. If you happen to find the scrambled eggs with goats cheese, semi-dried tomatoes and capers, then order right up! For more simple options, keep it to Beurre Au Marmalade which obviously is whipped butter & orange marmalade.


Two Hands Cafe

4.3 / 5

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Australian cafés have been added to our top restaurant list in NY for a couple of years now, but surely they keep on surprising us with their style, environment and food taste. One of our favorite has become Two Hands Café located on Mott St.

Small, bright and wood based, this café will take you on a journey to healthy and delicious food offering great brewed coffee and simple fresh-ingredient based dishes. Besides don’t forget they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day…you’d want to start the right way!

The rest

Meanwnhile, Tetsu is probably one of the hottest trends in the city right now for raw, fried & robata-grilled Japanese dishes, plus cocktails. Masayoshi Takayama, known to sushi aficionados simply as Masa, is definitely one to watch out for as he plans his next moves soon. Speaking of food masterminds, Danny Meyer has not only refurbished Union Square Cafe lately, but has also launched Vini e Fritti in Nomad for some good ol’ Italian bites. The menu is not long and the interiors are not that audacious; still there’s something to it and it’s perfect for afterwork drinks. Still around the Nomad area, Atoboy is a unique Korean tasting menus (of small plates & rice) place, geared toward sharing. You’ll probably find it hard to notice the door but when you walk into the minimalist interiors you’ll understand why we love this place so much.

A bit further south, Ian Schrager has did it again. He has completely revamped the luxury hotel concept by giving space to travelers and the PUBLIC – hence the name. Enter from the side of the hotel and get yourself past the guards and up to the rooftop for some nice cocktails and people-watching. Otherwise stay at the lounge downstairs and hit the pool.


Interiors at Public hotel

If you’re into more alternative stuff, then head over to Brooklyn at The Four Horsemen for some nice Italian pasta. This dimly-lit joint is tiny and cosy (so it’s perfect for a date night!), but it’s not only that. The food is really divine but can be kind of heavy. If heavy it is, opt for a night at the 1 Hotel Brooklyn which opened in early 2017 and boasts magnificent views to the river. Can’t wait for the summer again and that awesome rooftop swimming pool time


Lounge at the 1 Hotel Brooklyn

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