New York: living the life at The Standard Highline
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New York: living the life at The Standard Highline

Dimitris Kossyfas | 20 December 2016

Ever wondered how you could spice up your hotel stay with a couple of buzzing in-house rooftop bars, a cosy and inviting all-day café and spectacular views to the Hudson river? Enter The Standard.


I first visited a few years back whilst on a business trip and fell in love at first glance. First it was the ever intriguing pitch-black high-ceiling elevators with the loud classical music and the video projections, making it a surreal ride up (or down). Then, there was the Swedish furniture appeal that spans across all guest rooms, making your hotel stay a tad more cosy. And yes, the super tasty meals downstairs at The Standard Grill (think handmade granola and berries).

Of course its location, right in the heart of the Meatpacking district, its views to the river (can you spot the frozen bits during the winter months?) and the recent addition of the Highline park are all added perks. But above all, it was the people.

An alternative to the standard hotel etiquette – no bowties, white gloves and scripted prompts to all of your requests. Things at The Standard are more original and real.


The view from the GYM on the 17th floor

As for the rooms themselves, they also don’t abide to the standard hotel rooms. With floor-to-ceiling windows, super comfy beds, 24hr room service and overstocked mini-bars, they are the perfect place to unwind from the busy city. Oh, did we mention custom toiletries and shampoos you’d go nuts on stealing them?! Ok, easy now, they also sell them downstairs at the store.


And if that’s not enough check this out: the hotel recently launched Standard Time, a spanking new service that lets you choose your check-in and check-out times. Come early. Stay up late. Sleep in. Take off whenever. Do your thing.

And for the more adventurous ones out there, the hotel last month introduced One Night, a booking app that celebrates spontaneity by providing same night stays. Beginning at 3pm daily, you have instantaneous access to some of the most intriguing hotels in the city, always at the lowest rate.

How you chose to use that few hours is up to you though!

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New York: living the life at The Standard Highline
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