New York: Italian & American cuisines join forces and win the battle at Quality Italian
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New York: Italian & American cuisines join forces and win the battle at Quality Italian

Anastasia Hassiotis | 29 December 2017
Quality Italian
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Sister restaurant of the famous Midtown steakhouse Quality Meats, Quality Italian, offers the best combination of a steakhouse with an Italian twist in a two-story restaurant. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, organizing a business dinner, or even just dining with your group of friends, this place is large enough to welcome all occasions and offer, at the same time, high quality service.

Inspired by old-world butcher shops, Quality Italian is a warm and welcoming environment with low lighting, where hand‑blown glass is utilized and displayed prominently in custom designed lighting fixtures. The restaurant also offers two bars, one on the lower level and one on the upper one, which are ideal for a quick drink before your meal. The atmosphere is such that an old-fashioned seems like the perfect choice!


If you are already thinking of your next available date for a trip to this restaurant, let me just tell you, you should get there feeling hungry.

There are plenty of options to start off your meal, such as their Signature Guac Genovese with avocado and pistachio pesto and Beef Steak Tomato & Stracciatella salad. Do not pass on the basket of fresh baked brioche bread, because it’s simply delicious. Other tasty appetizers you should consider are the Yellowtail Crudo and Eggplant Polpette.


Spicy lobster rigatoni alla vodka

I assume you just looked on the picture above and said “I want that now”. Well, I don’t blame you and you should definitely order the Spicy Lobster Rigatoni alla Vodka. It’s definitely one of the best spicy rigatoni I’ve had in NY. The rigatoni are creamy, the lobster is fresh and perfectly cooked, while the end product will probably satisfy everyone.

However, Quality Italian has been recently trending on social media for its Quality Chicken Parm. This dish may look like a large cheese pizza, though instead of a bread crust, its a large chicken parm. It comes with a variety of toppings and sauces to embellish your piece. Definitely try it out!

On the other hand, one cannot acknowledge the fact that Quality Italian is also a steakhouse, and all meat offered is hand picked by respected butchers. Thus, if you are a meat lover the Dry Aged Bone-in Sirloin and the Filet Mignon are great options for you.


Dessert time has arrived and there is only one dessert to consider…Ferrero Rocher. This dessert is definitely a great end on a delicious meal. It contains milk chocolate & hazelnut cream, crispy wafer and candied hazelnuts. I would recommend considering the fact that it’s a very large dessert, so do order it if you’re 3 or more.


Ferrero Rocher

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New York: Italian & American cuisines join forces and win the battle at Quality Italian
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