New York: Dante is the cocktail & restaurant bar of another era
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New York: Dante is the cocktail & restaurant bar of another era

Anastasia Hassiotis | 10 July 2017
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Summer in the city is all about walking around, exploring and, why not, perhaps a summer love to live it all with. So if that’s the case for you, then I certainly have you covered for the “first date” spot. Right in the heart of Greenwich Village, you’ll find the historical Caffe Dante or the newly reborn Dante.

A 100-year old spot that had become the Village’s favorite place, gave its turn in 2015 to its new owner Linden Pride, whose main goal was to “retain and reinvigorate the concept and the brand” of the old Caffe Dante. This place has managed to become a very lively place for casual meet-ups and get togethers.


Even though a restaurant may find the right dishes and flavours for its visitors, one of the hardest aspects about running a restaurant is its interior aesthetics. Dante will certainly catch your eye with old fashioned furniture, colorful bar and finely dressed waiters. The restaurant is divided into two rooms, one with a big bar and the majority of dining tables, and a second smaller room. During the summer season, they also offer small tables on their patio, which I highly recommend either during the day or at night for a romantic meet-up.

Now, if you’re wondering when is best to visit this place, I would say whenever you feel like enjoying a cocktail along with a small bite! To be honest, it’s hard to pick from 12 different versions of negroni, their bottled cucumber & elderflower spritz or aperol spritz.; just go through their long cocktail list and choose yours to enjoy!


French toast with cinnamon, ricotta and fresh berries

Dante’s menu is based on Italian cuisine. If you join them for brunch, I would say the Baked eggs with tuscan kale, pomodoro and goat’s feta is a delicious dish. The burrata with honeycomb and cranberry is also another dish that stands out. If you rather want to enjoy something more sweet, then the Pumpernickel French toast is all you need. For those living the acai trend, their Acai bowl is there for you.

On the other hand, if you wish to join for dinner, you’ll find yourself rather indecisive. Most of the dishes in the menu are very tasty and can satisfy any craving. In my opinion, the best would be for you to share some of their insalata & salumi appetizers (definitely their jamon and burrata) along with a dish of pasta, while enjoying your cocktails or wine.

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New York: Dante is the cocktail & restaurant bar of another era
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