Neighbourhoods: up and coming Holargos jousts central Athens on what is now cool
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Neighbourhoods: up and coming Holargos jousts central Athens on what is now cool

Athina Doka | 12 June 2017
Holargos, Athens
Best time to go:
Ideal trip duration:
2-3 hours
Last updated:
4 October 2023

Holargos was my neighborhood when I was a teenager until the age of 29. I have spent in this area one of the best and “pure” years of my life and I only have good memories to think about. Fortunately, my parents still live there and I visit them very often, not only to taste my mum’s yummy food, but also to enjoy its vibrant life.


When you reach Holargos the first thing you will notice is Pericles statue, which stands at the entrance of this neighbourhood. The second is the green that this area has. Although block houses stand almost everywhere, the “philosophy” and the message that the current and past mayor pass, is to keep the green and take care of it.

To reach Holargos is very easy. If you don’t drive, just get the metro and you will arrive to famous café – restaurants, without even walking more than three minutes. The “outsider” that used to be, now has been transformed to a groovy and vibrant area, which can be easily compared to its closed ones like Aghia Paraskevi and Halandri.


Old dettached house in Holargos


Café–bars “decorate” Messogion Avenue and are fully crowded. The famous White Spoon is fully packed from early morning to late night. Although Bootleg café – bar is located in another address and it’s “alone”, it is famous for its special music, lives, brunch, people and drinks.

The famous Messinian restaurant, Thama, should be a must for lunch or dinner. In case you want to taste different cuisines, Shisan Sushi bar and Hokyo Japanese restaurant, will not disappoint you. And in case you want to taste Italian food, you don’t have to visit another neighborhood, just visit 1one restaurant. Moreover, Koukounari and Melitini, serve Greek and alternative dishes. For the end, don’t miss the famous burgers at Juicy Grill. The burgers are really juicy.


Holargos has its quiet and nostalgic “face” as well. Detached houses pop up and still exist in the Attica “jungle”. Buy a book from the old Parametros bookstore. The kind owner will recommend books and you will love the conversation with him. Relax at Sweetheart cupcakes café and at the end of the day, if you want to watch a movie at the cinema, just do it at Holargos Cinema.


Tip: Spanos pastry shop is one of the oldest ones. Buy an ice cream or a sweet while leaving Holargos.

See / Do

  • Holargos Town Hallalmost every month there are interesting speeches, theatrical performances, exhibitions
  • Papagos Garden Theaterevery summer there are music concerts and theatrical performances organized. Check their program if you want to catch one!

Eat / Drink

  • Palia Istoria – old-school taverna, located in a quiet part of Holargos. Read our full review here.
  • Thama – Messinian restaurant. They serve pure Greek dishes, with pure Messinian ingredients. The decoration is simple. The owners advise you about the new entries and recommend the best ones.
  • Biftekaaatsi – Greek restaurant. Taste its famous meat balls. All the dishes are “rich”
  • 1one – Italian restaurant.The decoration is simple and beautiful. Pizza is its must which can be accompanied by Aperol Spritz
  • Juicy Grill – it’s the home of steak and juicy burgers. The choices are too many. Try the Juicy and the Chicago burgers. A hint: it’s a famous burger restaurant and you have to wait for a long if you want to taste your burger inhouse. Otherwise there is an option to take away
  • White Spoon – famous café–bar. Serves coffee, brunch, fashion drinks and light food. The decoration is stylish and the music is alternative
  • BookAli – two steps-floor café. Nice decoration, pet friendly. Nice open ceiling.
  • Bootleg – café–bar, serving brunch from early morning. Owners organize amazing lives. During the summer they have placed an open space bar, that reminds the famous movie “Cocktail”. Every day is fully crowded with ages 30+
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Neighbourhoods: up and coming Holargos jousts central Athens on what is now cool
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