Neighbourhoods: sun, beach, and all the good food at Venice Beach, LA
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Neighbourhoods: sun, beach, and all the good food at Venice Beach, LA

Dilara Yurttutan | 5 June 2017
Venice Beach, Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Best time to go:
Ideal trip duration:
5-6 hours

Muscle beach, hipster central, the new Silicon Valley… Venice Beach carries whatever title it is given with pride.

The latest move from the “unique” to the mainstream with the arrival of Google seem to be upsetting some, yet Venice is still a foodie heaven. The Adidas’s and Zadig Voltaire’s of the world cannot get ahead of the good food brought about by the Venice locals (hailing from France to Australia and Israel).

So, do not panic. There are still plenty of Avo toast, green juice, boxed water, White Girl or Sexy Rose Wine, and salad shop joints (to puns intended) to take care of whole LA.


Furthermore, plenty of street art to pose in front of, and cleverly thought out lines written out on cards, plates, stickers, and neon signs. I love you so matcha Venice Beach.

Yes, there are some big names opening open on Abbot Kinney, but it doesn’t stop one from spending the whole day in and out of shops. Nor from drinking juice in the morning to eating pizza at lunch, licking ice cream in the afternoon and sipping on mojitos at sunset.


If you’re not in the mood for shopping walk to the beach to watch the surfers in the morning, or go to the skate park to watch some Vans getting worn down.

Walk down Abbot Kinney to Sunset or Rose Avenue and smell the fresh baked bread or walk up Abbot Kinney to get a taste of France, the new age of “Muscle Beach” at Barry’s Bootcamp or the best sandwiches at Superba Food+Wine.



  • Muscle Beach – where the whole “fitness trend” started, you can watch a show or get your own membership or pass to work out here (if you dare)
  • Venice Canals – the man-made canals inspired from “Venice,” visit the area and walk through to admire the serenity, the beautiful houses and see some hummingbirds
  • Abbot Kinney – where most of the action is, shops, restaurants, bars you name it
  • Venice Beach Skate Park – an oceanfront skate park where you’ll find someone putting on a show at all times of the day
  • Erewhon – if you’re a foodie, or whole foods lover this is your heaven this is a health food shop worth a visit


  • Gjusta – get your ticket and contemplate until your turn comes. Get anything from fresh baked bread, pastrami reubens or chicken parm, roast chicken or house smoked lox and find your seat in the back yard to enjoy your meal under the trees. Don’t forget to stop by their new shop next door
  • Gjelina – same owners as gjusta, if the “gj”s did not give it away. The best place in Venice for pizza, tapas style salads and veggies and desert
  • Egg Slut – grab your poached eggs breakfast sandwich, coffee and walk to the beach for the best morning
  • Butcher’s Daugther – newly opened on Venice, butcher’s daughter the NYC restaurants extension offering vegan and vegetarian dishes for breakfast and lunch. Taking a page out of Pinterest, there are macrame flowers and pots everywhere
  • Rose’s Café – A Venice classic, Rose’s café is a spot you will want to start of your breakfast with at the bar area have your lunch in the back garden and dinner in the restaurant
  • Green Leaf – If you’re in for something healthy, you can make your own salad or pick from the options of protein mains and sides. Anywhere that has sweet potato chips has to be on the list
  • Manchego – if you’re in the mood for indulging, this small Spanish tapas restaurant is the place. Get a pitcher of sangria and travel to Barcelona with every bite
  • Salt & Straw – the long line outside will probably give away the place you’re looking for. Trust me, it is worth the wait


  • Menotti’s – Start your morning right with the best coffee by the beach
  • The Otheroom – If you want a wine or beer, good music and a comfy hangout spot this is the place
  • Zinque – For a good charcuterie plate, or yummy ratatouille. Although you will find no hard liquor, there are plenty of wine based cocktails, you won’t be able to tell the difference between this moscow mule
  • High Lounge – this rooftop lounge in Hotel Erwin is the place for the best views of Venice Beach, go before sunset to get a spot and a margarita
  • Intelligentsia – a coffee shop worth seeing even if you’re not getting a coffee, walk in and get immersed in the industrial space
  • Blue Bottle – Good coffee and pastries, you can’t go wrong
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Neighbourhoods: sun, beach, and all the good food at Venice Beach, LA
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