London: the capital of brunch

London: the capital of brunch

Melina Zarouka | 8 November 2017

Brunch has been an established term in our everyday vocabulary for a few years now; and it is kind of a convenient occasion. You need something amusing, uplifting to start your day.  You need something amusing, uplifting to start your day –  but not first thing in the morning. Push it a bit later – but still earlier than the moment realise ‘where the f* my whole day has gone?’ Right there, somewhere between breakfast and lunch. London is the capital of brunch as a religious ceremony. From the traditional full English breakfast to the bottomless brunches where champagne is consumed in far bigger quantities than eggs, Londoners enjoy going out in the mornings and have fun with a full big meal, catching up with friends, and socialising. And we love it too.


Healthy eating at 26 grains – Dish of black rice and exotic fruit The list is endless and the new additions come in every week. For tastes and flavours here are few: The Full English The Brits traditionally go for a full meal for breakfast, filled with protein (eggs), sausages, beans, fried bacon, roast tomatoes and black pudding. There are not many places left in the capital of trends serving the traditional dish, but the ones that still do it, they do it right. Head to the Riding House Cafe in the heart of Fitzrovia for some real Britishness and you won’t need any other meal for the rest of the day. The Healthy Leaving behind all the ‘naughty’ ingredients, London has now adopted a much healthier and wellbeing focused profile. Whatever is free of fat/gluten/diary it is good and all of a sudden our vocabulary is populated by hundreds of new recipes for porridge. Coming closer to non-processed food, and exploring the rawness of the products we found real fulfilling tastes and delicious versions of natural products. 26 grains is the latest addition of extremely nicely decorated Scandinavian establishment in the re-visited area of Covent Garden where the raw cacao porridge is the hit not to be missed for sure.


All sorts of delicious options at 26 grains


The Fancy Sex and the City is so New York, nonetheless, London girls fancy bubbles for brekkie too. Dressing up for breakfast is a new trend and Europe has been introduced to this too. Sea Containers in the Mondrian Hotel at the south side of the river overlooking the Thames with all the skyscrapers dancing along its banks is the greatest setting for the fanciest start of the day. Eggs go royal here and the champagne bubbles take you floating across the greatness of this City. The exotic Exotic cuisines have been welcomed into morning menus too. Spices, peppers and onions cooked with eggs offer another alternative to the breakfast scene at NOPI. Famous chefs like Yotam Ottolenghi present signature dishes the infamous Shakshuka and Asia, north Africa and Mexico come closer. Dip your sourdough bread slice deep into the tomato sauce and get all the tastes of the spices in one go, served with bubbles or not!


Downstairs at NOPI


Window display at Notting Hill’s Ottolenghi

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London: the capital of brunch
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