London: Summer In The City

London: Summer In The City

Melina Zarouka | 14 July 2017

Everyone knows someone that at this exact moment is flying out to summer destinations around the world, but the greatest thing in London is that you can find summer everywhere… in London!


There is nothing better than balancing your frozen cocktail on a climbing rope overlooking the concrete jungle in the City. When days get longer means that the magic hour lasts longer and you can find yourself after work partying or just chilling in one of the city’s infamous rooftops. From the corporate Coq d’Argent to the casually hipster Netil 360 and from the west End’s Pergola to the far south Frank’s Campari bar, every little open air space on a building’s roof hosts a small little summer party.

  • Coq d’argent – posh and corporate, overlooking the Stock Exchange market, one of the first rooftops in the area. Urban legend says that few golden boys plunged to death when the credit crunch happened back in 2008
  • Shoreditch House – fun and casual, where the cool crowd hangs out but still you need to know the right people to get in or be a member of the Soho House family yourself
  • Netil 360 – from early morning yoga sessions to late night deep house parties, there is no way you don’t find something to do here. With great views to the City and Docklands in the vibrant area of Londonfields and Broadway Market
  • Pergola – stylish and posh for countryside style brunch and cocktails
  • Frank’s – at the top of a car park in Peckham, when it firstly opened it made us all travel south and discover this side of the city. Frank’s let alone is a good reason to explore Peckham, trust me

Netil 360 rooftop


Parks and Gardens

You don’t have to wait for the weekend and pray for the sun to come out early in order to lie your beach towel on the grass and get indulged in vitamin D. Usual lunch setting for the summer months even on a weekday, parks and gardens are everywhere in the City and you can find a spot to have your own space under the sun. Bringing your own pic-nic basket or getting alfresco deals from the pop-up cafes in the park, you’re gonna live your own myth on the green.

  • Garden Café at Regent’s Park – by the roses garden it’s the best spot for a snack while you stroll across the amazing Regent’s Park
  • Serpentine Pavillion at Hyde Park – it is touristy yes, it is a bit cliché yes, but we love it. Serpentine lake and its views never get old and there is nothing screaming summer more than this…
  • Kenwood House at Hapmstead Heath – you have to get up early to get a spot here, but you cant get a real British cuppa anywhere else than here in Hampstead
  • Benugo stalls at several parks and gardens around the city – Benugo have taken over the café stalls in the capital’s parks and they serve the best shots in amazing greenery settings

Deck chairs at Regent’s Park



Name a band or an artist that is not visiting London in summer and you’re gonna fail big time. Summer festivals in the UK are the biggest thing ever and it is for a reason. Either in any of the central parks or somewhere on a train ride from the city, it is not summer if you haven’t spent a day, a whole day or even two or three or four (for the Glasto fans), under the sun (ok, maybe the rain), in the sand (ok, maybe the mud) trying to work out your own bespoke line-up mix-matching the several acts on offer.

Hot denim pants, ankle boots, big hats, sunnies on and there you go!


One of the stages at the Glastonbury Festival


Open air Cinemas

Undoubtedly, London has been the setting for many movies in the history of cinema. Warm summer nights in London though can also offer the magical atmosphere for screenings, with amazing settings as Londoners can create.

Deckchairs and bean bags, inflated rings or on rooftops, the settings are inventive. Escaping the work life after 6pm and travel to summer destinations via screenings of all time classics or the latest blockbusters.



Ask a Londoner to define summer and he wouldn’t miss out tennis; or strawberries with cream; or prosecco.

All three make Wimbledon and this is the absolute London summer event. On the final’s weekend, you can find tennis themed parties in every single corner of the City and strawberries and proseccos sell out well before the day. If you can’t make it to the Centre Court, try the Bluebird, where they know how to rock Wimbledon!

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London: Summer In The City
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