Dublin, Ireland


The rise of expat gentrification


Wet, cult and hip

Dublin has been changing by the minute in the last few years with all the influx of expats working in those multinational technology companies. Luckily, apart from the ridiculously growing monthly rents and the collegial feeling in the streets, Dublin has also been getting back some of its cool. 

With a population of just more than 1 million and that peculiar Celtic accent, Dublin attracts more than 27 million of travellers a year with Ryanair literarily making this place popular by the minute. Dublin was listed as the fourth richest city in the world by purchasing power back in 2012, giving rise to an ever growing demand almost to anything. With a city under a complete transformation, it's not just only about Temple Bar and the Liffery anymore. Explore the old and new landmarks, the best restaurants and the up and coming neighbourhoods with our unique travel guide!