Brussels: Colonel is the ultimate meating place
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Brussels: Colonel is the ultimate meating place

Electra Tsakalidou | 28 February 2018
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Over the past few years, I’ve been what people a ‘pseudo-vegetarian’, trying to limit my daily meat consumption. But sometimes, all a gal wants is a good steak. When in Brussels, Colonel is the best place to make even the most demanding person happy.


Even on a Monday, Colonel is fully booked, which is testament to the great quality food it serves. The décor balances industrial and cosy, making it the best place for a long-awaited girls reunion. The large window façade creates an element of additional space – I usually ask get a table overlooking the windows, it makes the atmosphere more intimate.

I have to admit that I was looking forward to my dinner all day and could hold back on the enthusiasm when we arrived. We started off with a sharing plate of Corsican cured meats, including aged ham and coppa – my favourite was the slightly spicy lonzo. Having visited Colonel quite a few times, I can also testify that the bone marrow and the carpaccio with arugula and pine nuts are also excellent.


But for the love of steak, don’t get overly carried away with the appetizers. Keep some room for the piece de resistance – the steak. What I really appreciate at Colonel is their approach towards the sourcing of their meat. They cooperate with experts from all over France to bring the best quality and sustainably bread meat to the table.

I’m always torn between the 300g ribeye to share and the entrecote. This time I went for the latter. It comes with a lightly seasoned green salad and homemade fries cooked in fat, in true respect to Belgian tradition. I’m glad I was at a foodie table, with all my friends offering a bite of their perfectly cooked filet mignon and ribeye steak. Needless to say that at the end of the dinner I was full and happy. The Malbec also helped perfectly complementing the food, though the wine list is extensive enough to please any wine taste.

But those who know me know that I would not leave a great dinner without ordering desert. This time the verdict was unanimous – we shared the decomposed Snickers bar, made with peanut praline and salted caramel emulsion. Other times I have opted for the dame blanche, another Belgian classic, combining vanilla bean ice cream with melted Belgian chocolate; an ode to decadence.

Having left Brussels almost a year ago, I always try to think of which places I would like to replicate in Amman. Colonel, with its cosy atmosphere and great steaks, is definitely very high up the list. And I’m sure it would be an instant success.

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Brussels: Colonel is the ultimate meating place
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