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News: How An Entirely Fake Restaurant Became London's Hottest Reservation

A London-based writer has illustrated how easy it is to manipulate review sites like TripAdvisor, by pushing an entirely nonexistent restaurant to the top spot in all of London. Vice writer Oobah Butler – who also recently impersonated a designer for Paris Fashion Week – already had a bit of experience with gaming review sites, having previously been paid to write fake reviews by a shady PR service.

News: Amman hosts European Film Festival

If our Weekly Getaway hasn’t already given you many reasons to visit Amman, we’ll add one more to the list. Home to a growing art scene, from the 23rd November to the 2nd December Amman is hosting its annual European Film Festival.

News: a Spanish version of Eataly soon launching in NYC

New Yorkers, rejoice—yet another massive food hall is gracing your city. This project, yet to be named, is the "Spanish Version of Eataly," complete with wine and cheese bars, a tortilla stand, and of course, endless tapas. Thanks to D.C.-based chef José Andrés and the Adrià brothers—the chefs behind El Bulli's famed molecular gastronomy—you'll be able to feast on authentic Spanish cuisine as early as October 2018.

News: Supersonic jets may soon be back!

The race to bring back supersonic flight hasn't quite been unfolding at the speed of sound —err, the last supersonic jet namely Concorde was pulled back in 2013. But, if news out of the Paris Air Show last Tuesday is any indication, it might finally be picking up pace