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You may be noticing more and more these days, the ever creative coffee inventions left and right. Gone are the days of a simple order of just 'black coffee'. From New York to London and Athens, baristas are getting hipper by the minute.

So hang tight, we' re taking you on a journey to explore new coffee trends and present you the latest from the best!

People: Thomas and Mario crafting the best island escape at Scorpios Mykonos

In 2014, after nearly a decade running Mykonos’ world-famous Paradise Club, Thomas Heyne and Mario Hertel teamed up with Design Hotels™ to create San Giorgio hotel, a unique boutique hotel perched on the hill above Paraga beach in Mykonos, Greece. In 2015, they launched Scorpios —a sophisticated new social club complete with a restaurant, boutique, bar, event space, and beach— which by now is a huge success. 

People: Jamie

With 30 TV series and 20 cookbooks, 5 restaurant brands and campaigns aimed at improving school dinners and introducing a sugar levy on soft drinks, Jamie Oliver is arguably our favourite foodie.