All in Food

Naxos: local steakhouse and butcher shop at Stou Vasilarakiou

Long after I first visited Naxos, I discovered a series of mountainous settlements beyond the typical must-see spots of Apiranthos, Halki and Filoti. In Kinidaros, a tiny village in the north of Naxos you will find a typical meat taverna that also dubs as a butcher shop run by the Klouvatos family that has recently attracted more and more food connoisseurs.

Kythira: hearty modern breakfast and brunch at Fossa

Breakfast and brunch in the summer is scared, especially when you're roaming the Greek Isles trying to find some decent coffee and eggs for your morning fix. Luckily at Fossa, they literarily offer one of the best menus across the whole of Greece and not just the islands part. International by design but Greek at the core of it!

Athens: a bit of Mykonian-like glam at Krabo beach

It was high time someone made the start in the ever-continuing pursuit of the Athenian riviera's transformation into its full potential. Krabo, set in the small cove of Zoskos in Vouliagmeni, may not enjoy the best of waters and widest of sand stretches, but it certainly has the vibe of an island. Service is not that good but it may still be earl days.

Recipe: One-bowl chocolate cake

This cake is one of my favorites, it’s a rich, decadent chocolate cake and especially if you’re a chocoholic like me this would be the perfect option for a birthday treat or even a “make for no reason" cake, during a regular week for a morning nibble :)

Atlanta: Traditional Thai pop-up from Talat Market at Gato

Talat Market’s “Georgian Thai” is doing its appearance every weekend from Friday to Sunday, serving excellent traditional Thai food for dinner. With a different menu every week, using organic and locally-sourced produce and meats as much as possible, this Candler Park neighborhood gem is so worth all the buzz about it as of lately.