Mykonos: sun daze, beach tunes and excellent food at Alemagou

Mykonos: sun daze, beach tunes and excellent food at Alemagou

There is posh Mykonos, there is the trashy one and then there is definitely the more hip and classy. Alemagou is all about earthy aesthetics, a genuinely good food experience and an amazing view and setting down to Ftelia bay. The place keeps on a getting better as years go by, so hurry up if this isn't already a Mykonos favourite!

Andreas Koutoumanos, together with the help of his brother George and a hip crew, launched Alemagou back in 2010 in an effort to create an international setting of very high taste. They joined forced with k-studio in order to carefully build on the existing site at the edge of Ftelia bay that featured many natural elements such as the dominating wings and gales, the dark colored dry rocks and the Cycladic surroundings. 

Borrowing design elements from the Cyclades and specifically of a typical Greek taverna, k-studio infused this space with carefully picked material such as as the pumpkin shell lighting and a bed of natural reed thatch for a ceiling that allows air to move freely creating a unique and relaxing atmosphere.

The menu has somewhat changed over the years but whatever the case, Alemagou serves Greek-inspired cuisine that holds very high standards. We've recently tasted their kick-ass croaker ceviche, infused in lime juice and sprinkled with avo and saffron, that is offered interchangeably with the seabass carpaccio.

Their patties, be it chicken, salmon or beef are very tender and tasty; their signature feta-cheese snow-flaked Greek salad is super yummy and their seafood linguine is amazing! Just make sure you order enough and let yourself unwind, relax and enjoy this unique setting.

Feta cheese snow-flaked Greek salad

Chicken burger

Seabass carpaccio sprinkled with some lemon and lime zest

Marinated sardines in extra virgin olive oil

BBQ beef patties, medium cooked and tender soft

As of late 2015, Alemagou has also been known for hosting a very successful line-up of dance events, primarily in cooperation with MadeOfSounds, that see hip tourists and locals alike flocking this part of the island for some great times. If you're there during July/August make sure you get in tune!

Tip: the boho/hip merchandise at their beach tent can be a great catch. If shopping is not your thing, try securing a spot at the beach beds for some extra cool during the day.

Mykonos: elegance and taste meet up at Marenga Milk Bar

Mykonos: elegance and taste meet up at Marenga Milk Bar

Photojournal: hashtag Milano

Photojournal: hashtag Milano