Athens: Koukounari restaurant is almost like a cute nest

Athens: Koukounari restaurant is almost like a cute nest

Koukounari, Athens

Cosy, Casual, Reservations required
Food: 4
Service: 5
Ambience: 4
Value: 4
Neighbourhood: Holargos
Specializes In: Meat
Cuisine: Greek
Price: $$
Best Time to Visit: Weekdays after 13:00
Last Upated: November 22, 2017

In recent years, Sunday is the day that I like the most. I have time to oversleep and do things that I really love. Recently, I've made a custom with my daughter: we have a date! Just the two of us, investing some of our free time in our mother-daughter relationship starting from early morning to the evening. We go to the theater and then we go for lunch. Both of us adore theatrical performances and both of us are food and restaurant lovers.

One of those Sundays, we joined Koukounari Restaurant, in Holargos area, for lunch.

The restaurant is cozy and its decoration design lies between mainstream and modern. Surprisingly enough, the atmosphere of the restaurant is totally clean with no cigarette smelling around - something hard to find in Athens! This made, and will make, our stay joyful and so much more pleasant. 

The menu list is very interesting as well as the huge portions. And with a nice young crowd to go with it. This time we ordered fried beans with smoked pancetta and stewed onion, stuffed mushrooms, talagani cheese soufflé with honey sauce, pork cuttlefish with a salt crust, chicken broth with French fries and sauce, and for the end, Oh holy, we ordered stuffed chocolate mousse with crème brûlée.

I wish I could order more, but I’m so sure that the next time I will take more company with me to taste more of the menu list.

The staff is so friendly, always with a smile to their face, recommending dishes and advising where and when you have to stop. I have to admit that they warned me we had ordered so much, but that was not a problem as at Koukounari they offer they put your leftovers in a nice box for taking them home. This time I didn’t have to worry about what my next day lunch will be at work. It was yummy and very nicely prepared.

To reach Koukounari restaurant is very easy. It could be either by car or by metro. The Holargos metro station is only two walking minutes distance from the restaurant. 


  • Make a reservation before you visit Koukounari restaurant either over a phone or via platform to enjoy discounts and get reward points.
  • In case you decide to drive, you have to keep in mind that the parking space in the area is very very difficult. So be patient!
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