Chicago: The best burger you've ever had

Chicago: The best burger you've ever had

“The best burger I’ve had in my life”. These are the first words that come on my mind when i think of the burgers at Au Cheval in Chicago. If you are a burger fan, just like me, you need to book your next trip to Chicago right now and be prepared to forget all about your diet and go visit the city’s best diner. Trust’ll thank me later!

Au Cheval - Classy upscale diner, but at the same time dark lounge in a small room full of hungry people ready to satisfy their cravings. Leather banquettes, a large long bar, and a few tables in the back set a welcoming environment of a lounge that is ready to serve you the most beautiful and tasty diner food. 

Tip: If you want to grab a burger try to visit the diner early for lunch or late at night right after dinner rush hours as you may have to wait up to 2 hours to be seated otherwise. It stays open till midnight, so its the perfect place to go after a movie date or after-work drinking. As for Sunday brunch if you get there by 11 am, you'll most probably be set within half hour. 


A thick, peppered, hearty portion of bacon that is absolutely essential on your burger or as a side.

Single Cheeseburger


  • Portion of thick bacon: It'll melt on your mouth
  • Single Cheeseburger (it's actually a double): Get it with bacon, pickles, and if you can handle some extra protein, add a sunny side up egg
  • French fries: Either plain or with an fried egg on top they'll taste crispy and salty
  • Not a burger fan? Get the delicious and creamy Toasted Open-Faced Ham & Cheese Fondue


  • Bloody Mary
  • Old Fashioned
News: Meatless burger that cooks, smells and tastes real!

News: Meatless burger that cooks, smells and tastes real!

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