World's Top 5 Airports for Foodies

World's Top 5 Airports for Foodies

It's no secret that nobody likes airports that much. It's the final destination everyone is more keen getting to, and not the airports themselves. However, if you find yourself stuck in one of them, here is the ultimate list for you.

1. Incheon International Airport - Seoul, South Korea

Named as the world's best airport for 2012, Incheon International Airport serves as the gateway to Seoul as well as the largest building in South Korea. Its minimalistic design and its arc-shaped entrance exemplifies the amazing work that Curtis Fentress has done, bringing together references from the country's tradition and culture with its futuristic architecture.

You may be distracted by the complex's amazing facilities that include a spa, golf course and casino. But before you leave Korea, pass up the big amenities for your last chance to enjoy a traditionally executed bowl of Bibimbap, a Korean dish that blends warm rice, chilli paste, fresh vegetables, sliced beef and a fried egg.

2. Samui Airport - Koh Samui, Thailand

If you've been to Koh Samui then you'll probably know why this small airport is in our Top 5 list. Samui Airport is one of the few open-air airports around the world. Yes, open-air.

And whilst you're waiting to board your flight you'll have your chance to eat some great local Thai food, enjoy a relaxing Thai massage or just catch that last glimpse of sun for your perfect tan.

3.  Franz Josef Strauss Airport - Munich, Germany

M stands for Munich or MUC which is the airport's IATA code. If you've ever passed by Munich's masterpiece then you would have definitely seen this apparent on each gate's facade.

Originally built in 1992, Munich's airport got its Terminal 2 expansion in early 2003 and with it came a great food plaza for travelers to enjoy that classic wursts, the cold beer and the locally produced pretzels. All three are a must if you happen to be flying through MUC. Yes, the Haribo gummy bears too.

4. John F. Kennedy International Airport - New York City, US

Serving as the busiest gateway to the US, the JFK International airport was originally constructed in 1948 and was renamed after the late US President, after his assassination in 1963. Since then, the airport got major upgrades with its most recent one being a new expansion that was completed in 2003.

With a steakhouse, brasserie, and trattoria, JFK's Terminal 5 features one of the world's foodiest food courts. At Piquillo restaurant, you will find flavorful tapas and bright Spanish Riojas that will send you off to your next destination feeling happy and full.

5. London Heathrow Airport - London, UK

The Top 5 list would not be completed if it weren't for UK's busiest airport and third busiest airport in the world. Having recently moved all of its international operations to Terminal 5, LHR now features one of the best restaurant selection and comfy lounges.

If you happen to be there for breakfast, try the British classic at Gordon Ramsay's Plane Food outlet. Eggs, bacon and beens with a great blend of American coffee. Any other time, opt for London's classic Japanese food restaurant chain Itsu. You won't regret it.

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