Soho House, coziest ever home away from home

Soho House, coziest ever home away from home

It was back in the days when I first got invited to a ‘house party’ somewhere in Soho. That was at the very first Soho House, at the historic corner of Old Compton Street and Greek Street in the heart of Soho.

Ok, we did get access by being referred but back then, the House looked like a very decent flat in Soho; yes ok, one of the very nice ones. Ok, like the one of a friend’s friend that had a blueblood friend.

Soho House London

British, with massive leather Chesterfield sofas, wooden creaky floors, with fireplaces in every single room and a bit too hot, ambience wise.

A fair amount of years later, I got invited to a day in the countryside to a very new farmhouse; the Soho Farmhouse.

When the wheels started getting muddy I realised that the same homey feeling wrapped around my shoulders. The hot feeling now got glossier, poshier and more british; quintessential british, yes, spot on!

Long story short, it was back in 1995 when Nick Jones opened the Soho House Club above his Café Boheme restaurant. If only he knew that this would be the first of a series of establishments around the world that everyone would crave for a membership pass!

From the seaside pool at the Miami House to the ethnic rooftop overlooking the Taksim Square and the Bosporus in Istanbul, every ‘House’ has something special and unique to offer to its guests.

Screening room at Soho House Istanbul

With the very well hidden exclusive inclusivity, it is the House’s identity that offers cozy and comfortable environments for networking and get-togethers to the bon viveurs of the universe.

This is where the arty and creative community exchanges glances, lets its hair down, and where settings that bring memories from home, every and any home come into one place. You name it. Urban, rural, eastern or Californian. Edgy, classy, hippie and posh.

Flicking through the pages of the ‘Morning Noon Night’, the new Soho House book, my eyes get excited by my favourite cocktail’s recipe labelled by summer Friday nights at the Shoreditch House pool parties.

Lying back I make myself comfortable in one of the beds at the House’s Cowshed Spas and I indulge myself into the most pampering experience as a Christmas treat. This must be the homiest home away from home.

You pick the style and some golden contacts and grants after, your home is yours; along with the key to a glittery communal life. At least you made it to the exclusive world, now shut the doors and enjoy! Cheers Mr Jones!

Images: Soho House

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