Athens: fine sushi dining at Kiku Private Club

Having lived in NY, the Japanese cuisine, and especially sushi, has become one of my favorite. As a result, I always look for places that offer traditional Japanese dishes, good quality of ingredients and a peaceful environment to enjoy your meal. Kiku restaurants are part of the Athenian restaurants scene for 25 years now., while their most popular locations are those of Kolonaki and Mykonos. 

London: Basque casual dining at Lurra

Spanish cuisine doesn't always have to be about tapas, as the north Basque country has so much more to offer than that. And if you really want to be accurate then tapas are more of pinchos around the Basque country and apparently now in London too. Lurra is the second brainchild of the Donostia restaurant owners that has recently attracted some attention. Here is why!

Athens: exquisite French dining at Blue Pine

French cuisine has always been the darling of the food industry - and although the more exotic ones tend to enjoy the fair share of mentions on social media, some classic (and top rated) restaurants never hurt anyone. Blue Pine and its exquisite French cuisine is just about the best French food anyone can have around Athens.

Athens: cosy Greek-style meze joint at To Palio Taxydromeio

Let me tell you the story of my life every time I go to a restaurant. I am never EVER able to pick just one main course and an appetizer just for myself. I know many people even hate to share their food with others, but I'm definitely not one of them. That's why I love to visit places like Palio Taxydromeio, which offers small and tasty meze dishes in a very cozy family-style environment.