Australia: Top 10 Beaches in Australia that You Must Visit
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Australia: Top 10 Beaches in Australia that You Must Visit

Marie Nieves | 15 May 2018

In addition to being a prime destination for lovers of urban, artistic hotspots, Australia is also a treasure trove of breathtaking beaches and coastal towns worth exploring. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a veteran traveler in the Land of Down Under, let’s take a look at the top ten beaches that should be on your bucket list as many times as possible!


Mona Vale Beach, Mona Vale, Australia, Source: 1. Mona Vale Beach Often overlooked due to other northern beaches, this little piece of paradise is split down the middle to accommodate surfers, swimmers, but also families with kids. Its northern segment called the Basin is famous for its rip-dominated waters, which is where surfers reign, while the cliff that splits the beach has two ocean-filled pools, one for adults, and the other safe for youngsters.


Freshwater Beach, Sydney, Australia, Source: 2. Freshwater Beach Another northern gem just outside of Sydney and the first one to come across right after Manly, Freshwater Beach lies in the embrace of two coastal headlands. This makes it a perfect choice for surfers as well as swimmers, while lap-lovers prefer the salt water pool at its north end. For families in need of a relaxing holiday, you can stay in the Freshwater Views, mere steps away from the very beach.


Coogee Beach, Coogee, Australia, Source: 3. Coogee Beach Thanks to its sibling and neighbor, Bondi, this stunning little slice of coast has received lots of well-deserved attention, although it’s still in Bondi’s shadow as far as its world-wide reputation goes. However, Coogee has it all: from dreamy snorkeling spots, the famous rooftop bar at the Coogee Pavilion, to whale-watching during migration season, you can take your pick.


Palm Beach, Northern beaches, Sydney ,Australia, Source: 4. Palm Beach What so many Sydneysiders consider the crown jewel of their northern shore, Palm Beach is a mere hour away from the city, and a coveted location for people wanting a serene escape from the crowd. With golden sand, rolling ocean waves, and access to some of the finest dining nooks, you can easily find exquisite Palm Beach accommodation and spend your entire vacation in this tranquil retreat.


Daydream Island, North Queensland, Australia, Source: 5. Sunlovers Beach Located between the Queensland shore and the Great Barrier Reef, the tiny island called the Daydream Island truly deserves its name – it’s in the very heart of the Reef, and thus teems with marine life. Sunlovers Beach is one of three mesmerizing honey-hued spots where you can get to know the local underwater life and bask in the sun all day long.


Newport, Australia, Source: 6. Newport Beach Another less-known coastal wonder of the north, Newport Beach has a northern corner ideal for surfers, known as The Peak, while the middle is the main gathering spot for casual swimmers. However, it’s most distinguishing feature is the rock platform pool on its southern corner, a dream-come-true for those in seek for a few laps.


Bondi Beach, Australia, Source: 7. Bondi Beach When you’re done admiring Coogee, take the one-hour coastal walk to its sister beach, Bondi, and bask in the views of the iconic Bondi Icebergs, where you can also stop by for brunch or a cocktail. This is the ideal spot if you want to mix and mingle with the locals or spend a day in the local cafes and restaurants with an ocean view.


Bronte Beach, Bronte, Australia, Source: 8. Bronte Beach One of the most beloved beaches of the locals, Bronte is within walking distance of Bondi and Coogee, but with significantly less fuss over its reputation. It has great barbecue spots, as well as an Instagram-perfect saltwater pool on its southern end, making it a mixed batch for all kinds of ocean-lovers.


Wineglass Bay Beach, Tasmania, Source: 9. Wineglass Bay Beach A hop over to Tasmania, and you should head straight for the Wineglass Beach, located in the Freycinet National Park. In addition to its golden sunsets, you can look for unparalleled camping spots as well as luxe resorts if you’re in the mood for a little indulgence. However, don’t miss out on the local wine in spots such as the Freycinet Vineyard, no matter where you choose to stay!


Cocos (Keeling) Islands – South Island, Australia, Source: 10. Cossies Beach Hidden safely on Direction Island in the Indian Ocean, it’s no wonder Cossies Beach was dubbed the most beautiful one of 2017. Not known even to many native Aussies, it’s considered the best-kept secret of Down Under, and despite its remote location, the divine beach is worth the hassle of getting there. Cover image:

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