Athens: Ventiri Roast House, a roast house like no other
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Athens: Ventiri Roast House, a roast house like no other

Aspasia Loi | 23 February 2019
Ventiri Roast house
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A roast house that is like no other Nothing sets the mood more than an entrance that has a door decoration of cow horns.

Walking into Ventiris Roast house you see a South-American inspired restaurant; wood and metal both beautifully combined. Waiting for the maître to sit you in your table you pass by different flaming dishes. The menu is mostly with meat and usually the dishes are either cooked in a wood fire oven or charcoaled.


The salad menu is rich and ranges from mainstream to more epicurious choices like the fresh mixed vegetables with Picanha Black Angus filets with handmade croutons and smoked red sauce.

Fresh salad with cherry tomatoes, rocket, fresh burratina cheese, basil oil and rusk from Kythira island

The choice is difficult when it comes to the main dishes. The menu ranges between simple and rather complicated dishes so it can appeal to different palates. When ordering meat, you usually have the waiter bring the meat almost raw and he is setting fire to it in front of you. Besides the theater of it, the experience is unique as you get to understand what high quality ingredients mean.

People that come here usually order the veal liver on the grill with hot truffle butter and we understand why. Perfectly cooked liver with a bit of truffle can make you very happy. Each small bite is an explosion of flavours and aromas in your mouth.


The burger was also very tasty, unique in flavor and distinct from any other burger you have eaten recently.

Greek water buffalo burger from Lake Kerkini with caramelized onion, fried egg, cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce.

Another favourite of the frequent fliers of Ventiri Roast House is the tagliata. Black Angus hanging tender tagliata flambéed with Jack Daniels.

The list of wines is long and focuses on the Greek art of wine tasting. You can find wines from all over Greece – from the Northern part of Greece to Crete and the Ionian Islands. We tried Catogi Averoff a mix of Cabernet and Agiorgitiko and it was paired perfectly with our main dishes.


After all this meat, we begged for something to cleanse our palate. We tried the millefeille and the orange pie with a scoop of Kaimaki. A French and a Greek inspired dessert. What this restaurant masters more than anything is the fine balance between the different cuisines and different ingredients the chefs use. Without making it complicated, for them it makes sense to have an open kitchen where they roast meat and at the same time cook and serve in front of you the most tender and flavorsome veal liver you will ever get to taste. It is not every day you taste a meal that will stay in your palates for days after. Try it and you will see…

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Athens: Ventiri Roast House, a roast house like no other
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