Athens: most loved dishes in Athens for 2022

Athens: most loved dishes in Athens for 2022

Dimitris Kossyfas | 28 December 2022

We rarely report on top 10 lists or similar ephemeral trends, yet such questions frequently crop up when meeting our readers in real-life.

So here’s the first instalment of such reviews: our 10 most loved dishes of 2022 in Athens.

This is by no means a top 10 or in a particular order. We simply reflect back on the most loved dishes we had in Athens over the past 12 months. Those that made an impression on us and left us wanting more.

Ok, admittedly, there were occasions (quite a few on the particular ones) for which we did go back. And devoured these again.



1. Yoghurt bowl – Me Kolonaki

A healthy breakfast bowl has rarely been so tasty! A mix of blueberries and fresh cherry compote blends beautifully with the crunchy granola and the refined yoghurt. Elias Stavropoulos, the co-founder and owner of the establishment, tells us the yoghurt is low fat yet its full-bodied taste and texture is 100% there.

The secret of this dish? A dash of cinnamon!

Brunch at Me Kolonaki is the best in the neighbourhood, so do call ahead for a table in the sun.

Yoghurt bowl - Me Kolonaki, Athens

2. Shakshuka – Mona Hotel Athens

Shakshuka eggs in a pan with spinach, goat’s cheese and warm, tasty challah bread.

Only available for a limited time this December, Mona Hotel Athens puts on a beautiful show for breakfast and brunch. Next instalment on New Year’s Eve from 11am onwards.

Shakshuka - Mona Hotel, Athens

3. Double tomato salad, Kanaria

A bit further south from the city centre and close to the SNF Park, lies the immaculate and lush garden of Kanaria. The only salad they serve is this tomato salad that comes with narrow strings of onion and is topped with shredded tomato juice for more flavour!

Double Tomato salad - Kanaria, Athens

4. Smash burger, Birdman

World class by now, the smash burger of Aris Vezenes at this Japanese Grill pub is second to none. A soft potato bread bun, double melted cheese, sprinkled with onion bits and a light mayo sauce beautifully complement the two thin beef patties.

Take a seat at the bar and enjoy a burger or two. Birdman for the win!

Smash burger - Birdman, Athens

5. Cheese burger – Brasserie Lorraine

Yet one more burger! The chunky black Angus burger served with mimolette cheese is what you have in mind when you order this amazing dish at Brasserie Lorraine. But when you’re actually served the dish, you get the ceremonial pour-over of the sweet beef jus.

Leave it for 2-3 min so that the bottom bun gets moist and tender… then indulge.

Cheese burger - Brasserie Lorraine, Athens

6. Langoustine pasta – LSKSIA

Unpretentious, honest and hearty, the langoustine pasta at Linou, Soumpasis k sia is top notch. Dolloped in a very wholesome olive-oil-based sauce and served with a handful of lightly sizzled langoustines, this pasta dish will definitely feel like a warm hug to your stomach.

Crayfish pasta - Linou Soumpasis k sia, Athens

7. Cacio e Pepe – Jerar

Another pasta that got us going this year was the cacio e pepe at Jerar. But not just your typical cacio e pepe dish, as the pasta is topped with a delicious shrimp tartare and served in a bowl with infused olive oil. Weird combo, right?

Well, try it and you can thank us later.

Cacio e Pepe - Jerar, Athens

8. Rooster pasta – Tsiftis

The second pasta dish featured on our 2022 is a new entry at Tsiftis. Homey, more traditional and slightly sweet is this rooster pasta from traditional skifouhta pasta, topped with dry aged cheese.

Rooster pasta - Tsiftis, Athens

9. Black Forest – Recitale

Our favourite dessert from the neo-pastry shop of Recitale in Mets is definitely their black forest tart. Spongy yet oh so moist, as well as crunchy at the bottom, this dessert delivers great taste especially with the added benefit of the sour cherry on top!


10. Ekmek tsoureki – Cookoovaya

If you think you know what’s the best dessert at Cookoovaya, think again. Their ekmek tsoureki is an ode to Greece’s culinary past. The delicate texture of the cream on top gracefully covers the tsoureki and together with a dash of cinnamon and cracked pistachio nuts they create an amazing mildly sweet combo!

Ekmek - Cookoovaya, Athens


10 most loved dishes in Athens for 2022

  1. Yoghurt bowl, Me Kolonaki
  2. Shakshuka, Mona Hotel Athens
  3. Double Tomato salad, Kanaria
  4. Cacio e Pepe, Jerar
  5. Smash burger, Birdman
  6. Cheese burger, Brasserie Lorraine
  7. Langoustine pasta, LSKSIA
  8. Rooster pasta, Tsiftis
  9. Black Forest, Recitale
  10. Ekmek tsoureki, Cookoovaya


Disclaimer: all of the above are original, non-paid reviews. Supporting local establishments and the places that make a destination is what we strive for.

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