Athens: high quality specialty coffee and a hip vibe at LOT 51
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Athens: high quality specialty coffee and a hip vibe at LOT 51

Dimitris Kossyfas | 1 July 2020
LOT 51
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All-day coffee was already a thing in Thessaloniki and, more widely, in Greece. And although this particular folk has been slightly adjusted to modern standards over the years (think freddo coffee, matcha and the likes!), LOT 51 has definitely got it going for them – an all-day spot for coffee, friends and more!



Having wondered around Athens in the past 3 years or so in search of the best specialty single origin coffee, I had stumbled upon the Area 51 brand a few times. So when I heard about LOT 51 back in early 2019, it surely clicked. Three friends and renown barristas of the cvity, Kostas Spiliopoulos, Spyros Lappas and Panagitis Zotiadis, joined forces and launched this place in an attempt to modernise the coffee experience of ours. Right on Mihalakopoulou street, against all odds, they surfaced an immaculately designed space that lives and breathes fun! As I sit in one of the white tables outside, I take a moment to appreciate the wider concept – it’s not only the modern, clean and unornamented design; not the high quality coffee; and, certainly, not the cool kids left and right (staff or patrons). It’s all of the above in a beautiful array.

Sipping the first few shots of an Ethiopian single origin espresso, I realise that I’m in for something more and so I order a couple of breakfast dishes. The menu is designed by Argyris Kontrafouris, putting special emphasis on eggs but also on healthy offerings. Although seating indoors can be a bit uncomfortable (they only feature stools by the bar), Rena Roussou and Dimitris Panagopoulos have created two bars (one for coffee and one for drinks at night) that are quite inviting.


Granola with fruits and nuts


Cheat day dish with fried eggs, bacon and fried potato wedges

Apparently, nights at LOT 51 are equally vibrant and loud. After-work drinkers definitely show up around 8pm with the young crowd getting in a bit earlier after university classes from nearby Zografou finish. Before the coronavirus pandemic they also used to host DJs on a nightly basis but until their schedule resumes you’ll definitely have to stop by for an al fresco night with classy cocktails next to the small park of Mihalakopoulou.

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