Athens: a strong Italian flavour at Lollo’s Atene
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Athens: a strong Italian flavour at Lollo’s Atene

Dimitris Kossyfas | 18 November 2018
Lollo's Atene
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It’s no wonder that when word got out Lollo’s is launching an outpost in Athens, the crowds started flocking in. The famous trattoria from Antiparos has recently landed its team in the area of Halandri and is ready to rock!


Bufalina pizza

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been a big fan of Lollo’s in Antiparos despite the amazingly tasty pizza and pasta they offer. And maybe I’m a bit biased cause I first took note of their delicious offering back in 2011 when they used to operate the little cute place they originally opened the restaurant in. A few years passed and they moved further down to seafront Antiparos in a much bigger place but with no significant vibe to it. Nonetheless, the food sustained its substance albeit the somewhat bitter prices.


When I found out they were opening in a small detached house in Halandri, I immediately got on the phone and started calling. For a Thursday night it wasn’t very easy to find a table given the 10-15 tables they man onsite. We got there somewhat early at 20:30 and the place was already buzzing. The interiors were designed by AK-A architects team in plain kind of fashion trying to convert a somewhat plain room into a lively eatery. The highlight of the room is the big marble table at the back which can host more than 10 guests for a nice celebration.

We got our eyes on the menu and couldn’t easily decide on what to pick. Lots of classic pizzas came from their Antiparos menu with a few interesting additions. We devoured some focaccia bread pieces spread with tomato sauce, as well as a classic funghi salad pretending to care about anything else than the pizzas and pastas themselves. The wine list was also quite well organized with a few but solid options for both Greek and Italian wines and so we went on for a rose.

We carried on the night with a bufalina pizza, pure margherita with some lively chunks of bufala mozzarella gently placed after the pizza had been cooked, as well as a diavolina pizza with spicy Italian salami (was it ventricina?) on top! The pasta we picked was tonarelli with gorgonzola and crushed walnuts… divine!


Diavolina pizza

Finally, we went big on dessert and did pig out with the nutella pizza. The overall taste was good although we’ve surely had better ones elsewhere; maybe the dough was more crisp than usual. Regardless, we enjoyed ourselves more than enough, had amazing pizza and welcomed this new entry on the Athenian food map. And we can’t wait for the cute little patio at the back to open when the summer days come back.

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Athens: a strong Italian flavour at Lollo’s Atene
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