Athens: a captivating eating experience at All Senses Gastronomy
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Athens: a captivating eating experience at All Senses Gastronomy

Aspasia Loi | 24 October 2018
All Senses Gastronomy
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There are few occasions in my life that I have been left speechless. One of these very few times was when I went to “All senses gastronomy”. For me, this was a surprise so going through the kitchen to another room to have dinner brought more excitement to the whole evening.

We sat in a beautiful table and were surrounded by big screens that directly set the mood! We started in the moon and while eating the menu consisting of 11 dishes we were transported from the sea to the forest and up in the sky depending on what we were eating. Throughout this whole journey, the right music was connected with every location and every dish, making this a multi-sensorial experience.


Dinner started with an amazing cocktail that combined a cold part of frozen tangerine and a warm part of ouzo


The first stop was a walk in an autumny forest where we were served a stuffed mushroom and a crispy celery chip


Afterwards we moved to the sea and were served a tartlet with sea weed powder, saffron and fish eggs


One of the more minimal and elegant flavours we tasted was the sea urchin dish.

The servers were rightful to instruct us to try to take a bit of lime with the sea urchins. It was exactly like having the ocean in one bite in our mouth.


Probably the most theatrical dish was the “burned bread”. It consisted of smoked bread with a side of Greek bottargo from Messolongi


Celery root with a parmesan soup and bits of chestnut


The scenery changed this time while we were eating the last main; wild boar with a truffle risotto. We were at a forest which was covered in snow and everything seemed to be very peaceful until we heard two gunshots and the table started having blood stains on it. Kind of theatrical and yet wonderfully realistic.


The desserts were out of this world. We could understand that we would have a dish with a melted center as the background changed to volcanoes erupting. However, nothing could compare our initial thoughts to what we finally tasted. A white chocolate panna cotta with red berries lava, dark chocolate rocks and actual Santorini volcano ashes. This dish was so perfectly balanced in its acid, sweet and salty side that left us wanting more.

If you counted, in this article I have only talked about 7 dishes. This was done on purpose, I hope I have intrigued you enough to go explore this place yourself, so you can live the same experience with all your senses.

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Athens: a captivating eating experience at All Senses Gastronomy
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