Our Mission


Travel Food People is a collective of bloggers that explores these topics in many forms – from destination and restaurant reviews to personal journeys and stories around entrepreneurship.

Our vision is to discover, curate and share authentic -classic or new- stories on our three favourite topics: Travel, Food and People.


A Brief History

Working closely with the Travel industry, I get to travel a lot. And the same questions pop every time I visit some place new: 

Where to go?

What to eat?

Who to meet?

I was recently on a plane to Berlin for business and whilst I knew I had just a few hours of free time, I didn't know exactly how to spend it. Better yet, how to invest it. Of course information for destinations, restaurants and attractions is ubiquitous out there, but still I was struggling to find something appealing... better yet, something appealing to me. And with not too many friends out there to get tips from, I was stuck with an overload of information online and too many options. 

That's when I realised traveling should not be that hard. 

Travel Food People was conceived as a collective blog of short illustrated experiences from around the world. A community of avid travelers and foodies who want to share their experiences with everyone!

Discover now.

 - Dimitris